Jewish Terrorism & the French Police: the Despicable Case of Forty Years of Brutal Harassment of Revisionist Robert Faurisson

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Ed note (Trevor) WARNING: Language–contains quotations of the vile jewish threats against Dr. Faurisson. That being said, it is just the typical J-spew that which we all come into contact with on a daily basis.

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Former Israeli, former IDF, former Jew, Gilad Atzmon starts his USA tour this week, in Houston and then comes to Austin!!  Because we’ve had problems (in Austin, of all places?) with the Austin arm of the ADL (and the freak says, JDL) who’s attempted to close-down one of Gilad’s shows, we are providing information about LOCATION on an individual basis.  I know it seems a bit nutty, but the Austin, “music scene”, is run by some unattractive characters who happen to run the bipartisan-mafia all over the USA.

If you would like to come hear Gilad speak and play jazz(!!), send a private email (here or in twitter) or contact:

As talented a musician as Trevor Labonte is, he’s essentially lost his ability to earn a living via his chosen profession, in Austin.  Who’s created his problem for Trevor?  It is the same (usual) despicable excuse for a…

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Israel Expansionism: the common thread in all Middle East wars

Through the study of history of the Zionist entity, one is compelled to search for patterns and common themes. “Mainstream” versions written by history’s victors always endeavor to conceal patterns of premeditated criminality and hidden intrigues of the “elite” jewish banking class, leaving only a confusing, chaotic, and uninterpretable miss-mash of seemingly unrelated events, names, and dates over which people can only scratch their heads before giving up trying to understand. The task of any real historian is to uncover the hidden hand which bears responsibility for the world’s tragedies, so everyone can see that these events are not at all random and unrelated, but bear the unmistakeable signature of the international zionist puppet-masters’ cabal and their schemes to establish a tyrannical New World Order.

With that I mind, I would like to examine some of the various Zionist wars of aggression (being that this is the anniversary of Israel’s defeat in its July, 2006 war against Lebanon) and explain the singular objective of all zionist wars, and allow people to understand what is systematically suppressed from all mainstream media and academic discourse. This is the only way to beat the system. People must be allowed to understand who is really in control and what their plans are, so we can then take steps to counteract this battle which is being waged against humanity on many fronts.

The first thing to realize is that the mass-murder of Palestinians and other Arab or Muslim people is one of the most premeditated acts in history. Long before “Israel” was born, Jewish organizations busied themselves with publishing articles and books aimed at assembling legions of Jews from anywhere they could be found, to go to Palestine with the expressed intent of “making rivers of blood flow” and “reclaiming” what had supposedly belonged to the Jews 2000 years ago. As brutal as this sounds, it is all true, and the voracity of these statements is not even debatable, as evidenced by primary source documents in the Jews’ own words.

The typical uninformed opinion on the street is that fighting is just some kind of built-in feature in Middle Eastern culture, but these people have no idea that “Israel” was only formed in 1947/48, and was born through nothing but sheer terrorism. Here is an article from 1918 elucidating how different jewish groups used the promise of glorious holy violence to entice Jews from all corners of the globe to form legions to terrorize and kill all the Palestinians and establish a “Jewish state” on their blood and ashes. read more here

However, the New World Order is a problem that extends far beyond Palestine, since the real and officially stated policy of the Jewish state is EXPANSIONISM. This is why the Jewish state has never declared its borders, and also has no constitution. Note how their statements are wrapped in layers of deception. For one, today’s Jews have no blood lineage connecting them with the Hebrews of history, who were mostly wiped out by Roman Emperor Hadrian and the 10th Legion in 70 AD. Yet these modern Jews still falsely claim to be the direct descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and as such, they consider the land properly known as “Palestine” to be a literal birthright for all the world’s jews, all the while granting no such right of return to any of the millions of Palestinian people they have terrorized and displaced. How can the jews “reclaim” what was never theirs in the first place? All zionist discourse is predicated upon such presumptions  which are empirically false, namely that they are “re-establishing” their “biblical borders,” when in fact Egyptian historians have known since the beginning that there was only a brief period 2000 years ago when certain parts of the region were under jewish occupation.

But the “Greater Israel” plan for the Middle East does not stop at “merely” stealing a vast swath of Arab land four times the size of Texas, which extends from the Nile River in Egypt to the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq. The ancient dream of Judaism, as abundantly documented in Jewish writings, many of which happen to be compiled in Michael Collins Piper’s “The New Babylon,” is to place the entire gentile world under the thumb of of Jewish power by enslaving all gentile nations under debt-slavery (usury). Nowhere in the holy books of Judaism, be it Torah or Talmud, can be found any trace of endorsement of any kind of universal rights for all human beings. Gentiles are considered sub-human, and as such, have no rights. When one factors in that the 85% Jewish “Bolshevik” leadership during the Jewish communist takeover of Russia took all rights of land ownership away from the people, killing tens of millions of innocent white Orthodox Russian Christians in the process, one can see the truth in the concise claims of various Rabbis that “Judaism is Communism.”

With all that in mind, looking into all Israel’s wars against its neighbors, the common thread is easily observable. What do the 1947/48 war, the Deir Yassin massacre, the 1967 “Six Day War,” the brutal 22 year occupation of Lebanon known as the 1982 war, the 33-day reprise of that same war in 2006, “Operation Cast Lead,” “Operation Pillar of Cloud,” “Operation Protective Edge,” as well as the war currently being lost by Mossad/CIA proxy forces in Syria to President Bashar al Assad, and the zionist proxy force “ISIS” in Iraq running amok under crypto-Jewish Mossad agent “al Baghdadi”, all have in common?

They all are delusional attempts to break the will of the people resisting the Greater Israel Project to redraw the map of the Middle East an the world. It seems no amount of Israeli warmongering, whether covert or hiding behind the mask of “Islamic extremist” proxies, can break the back of this popular resistance. Even though these Jewish-led forces have their own special legalistic set of protocols which look to the Old Testament and the Talmud, which command the systematic killing of innocent men, women, and children, and bombing schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and homes, they are still failing definitively to fulfill their plan. This plan, the infamous Oded Yinon “Strategy for Israel in the 1980s,’ is the template for the destruction the world has been witnessing.  See Oded Yinon plan translated to English

Make no mistake, the latest genocidal Israeli assault against the peole of the illegally besieged Gaza Strip is not merely a plot against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other armed Palestinian forces, it is a continuation of the expansionist Zionist entity’s wider strategic aims to redraw the map of our region and eradicate resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine as well as the last bastion of state-level Arab resistance in Syria.

Just as Hezbollah shattered this scheme in 2006 and emerged stronger however, and as the Syrian Arab Republic is triumphing over the conspiracy waged against it, the steadfast Palestinian people and their fearless Resistance fighters are defeating this project today, for the grassroots culture of resistance cannot be destroyed and no amount of Judaic savagery will change the fact that the illegitimate, unviable and alien Zionist entity has no place in our midst.

VICTORY! The Muslim/Christian family reunion is starting…in Gaza.

This is exactly what must happen in order to take back our world from the jews. The jews have been spiking the punch between these long-lost brothers for far too long. Increase cooperation, dialogue, and understanding between all people who are awake and aware of the threat of jewish power, this is the strategy that will win it for us.

Sorry, no jews though. Even a few jews thrown into the mix will dramatically change the entire tone of the discourse, and these few jews are actually the problem that has prevented any meaningful dialogue about what the true root of the problem is, and that is Judaism and jewish supremacism. Zionism is just a symptom, an expression of the problem, but the “good jews” are the very ones preventing this crucial discussion from taking place.

For every jewish crime, there is a jew who denounces it, yet, in the end, history has shown repeatedly that when it comes time for action, the “good jews” will side with their tribe, proving that “good jew/bad jew is nothing but a manipulative mind game. If they want to be decent people, they have to become like Gilad Atzmon, Benjamin Freedman, and Nathanael Kapner, and DENOUNCE Judaism and join the universal brotherhood of humanity, and leave the supremacist, moral relativist, unethical cult they had the misfortune of having been born into. There will only be a tiny handful of people who do this. Do not allow one single person who identifies as a jew into your circles, it is a liability that we can not afford, since they can simply not be trusted.

That leaves all of humanity against the jews, and those odds are unbeatable. Christians, Muslims, and any other non-supremacists else who wants to join forces should be most welcome. Watch out for militant atheists though, since they adhere recklessly to their own supremacist religion of faith.

Holohoax Debunked



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Ernst Zündel – Setting the Record Straight (2007) (2hr 8min) Known for his two ground-breaking Holocaust trials in 1985 and in 1988, that resulted in the forensic investigation known as the best-selling “Leuchter Report”.

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By Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson and Germar Rudolf. New third revised edition. Between 1988 and 1991, U.S. expert on execution technologies Fred Leuchter wrote four expert reports addressing whether the Third Reich operated homicidal gas chambers. The first report on Auschwitz and Majdanek became world famous. Based on chemical analyses of wall samples and on various technical arguments, Leuchter concluded that the locations investigated “could not have then been, or now, be utilized or seriously considered to function as execution gas chambers.”

Germar Rudolf is a highly qualified chemist who in the winter of 1990-91, while working toward a doctorate in chemistry at the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solid State Physics in Stuttgart (Oct. 1990-June 1993), he began a scientific investigation of the credibility of the Leuchter Report. His detailed chemical analysis concludes that hydrocyanic acid was not used at Auschwitz. His report strengthens the findings of gas chamber expert, Fred Leuchter.

Dissecting the Holocaust applies state-of-the-art scientific technique and classic methods of detection to investigate the alleged murder of millions of Jews by Germans during World War II. In 22 contributions of each ca. 30 pages, the 17 authors dissect generally accepted paradigms of the ‘Holocaust’. The blockbuster anthology that struck Holocaust orthodoxy a body blow from which it has never recovered. Dissecting marshals the work of more than a dozen researchers to subject the conventional historiography of the “gas chambers”, the “six million”, the postwar trials, and other linchpins of the extermination story to careful, precise, methodical, and withering analysis. Germar Rudolf on how chemical analysis gravely weakens the case for gassing in the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematoria, Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana on the crematory ovens of Auschwitz, Robert Faurisson, Manfred Köhler, and Claus Jordan on how testimony was coerced and convictions manufactured, Fritz Berg, Ingrid Weckert, Carlo Mattogno, and Arnulf Neumaier on the technical and evidentiary absurdities of gassing claims for German trucks in gas chambers and at Majdanek and Treblinka, Udo Walendy and John Ball on analysis of photos alleged to depict the crimes or their locations, Rudolf on the evidence for Jewish losses during WWII, Jürgen Graf on myths about the concentration camps, and more. Dissecting’s handsome design and format lend themselves well to the numerous illustrations, charts, and diagrams with which these leading revisionists advance the wealth of evidence the book offers against the Holocaust myth. This is a book — the book — that every revisionist needs to own, and to read.

In March 1992, a prominent Austrian engineer made headlines when a report he had written about alleged German wartime gas chambers was made public. Walter Lüftl concluded in his controversial report, “Holocaust: Belief and Facts,” that the well-known stories of mass extermination of Jews in gas chambers at the wartime camps of Auschwitz and Mauthausen are impossible for technical reasons and because they are incompatible with observable laws of nature. Lüftl’s report is further authoritative confirmation of the findings of American gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter, who testified about his on-site investigation of the supposed “gas chambers” of Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek in the 1988 trial of German-Canadian publicist Ernst Zündel. Lüftl’s report also corroborates Leuchter’s findings from his 1989 investigation of the supposed extermination “gas chamber” at the Mauthausen camp.

Untruths and mainstream propaganda abound when it comes to the Auschwitz WWII German labor camp. Here are just a few:

1. French biochemist G. Wellers claimed he exposed The Leuchter Report as fallacious, but in truth he exposed only his own grotesque incompetence;
2. Polish researcher Prof. J. Markiewicz said he proved that Zyklon B was used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, but Markiewicz was found to have fabricated his results;
3. Chemist Dr. Richard Green declared that Revisionists’ chemical arguments were flawed, yet Green was forced to admit that Revisionists were right after all;
4. Prof. Zimmerman alleged that the crematories in Auschwitz could cremate all victims of the claimed massmurder. But in truth, accountant Zimmerman proved only his lack of expertise on the subject;
5. Profs. M. Shermer and A. Grobman said they could refute the entire array of Revisionist arguments. But in reality they covered only a tiny fraction of Revisionist arguments—and botched their attempts at refutation;
6. Keren, McCarthy and Mazal found the “Holes of Death,” saying they proved the existence of the Auschwitz gas chambers. But no, they twisted evidence to support their case and suppressed the facts.

These and many other untruths about Auschwitz are exposed for what they are: political lies created to ostracize dissident historians and keep the Western world in Holocaust servitude.

Mattogno’s Auschwitz: the Case for Sanity is the revisionist response to Robert van Pelt. Its first revelation is that van Pelt has committed plagiarism: he plundered and basically regurgitated the research results published in 1989 and 1993 by French researcher Jean-Claude Pressac – yet without naming his source even once. On more than 700 pages, Mattogno thoroughly scrutinizes van Pelt’s contorted assertions by juxtaposing them to material and documentary facts.
Mattogno’s analysis is devastating for van Pelt, as it reveals that van Pelt’s study of Auschwitz ignores crucial counter-arguments, fails to approach pivotal technical issues with technical means, is highly inconsistent, uses deceptive methods, presents conflicting sources without due source criticism, deforms all sources to serve the author’s perspective, and reveals a shockingly threadbare knowledge of the history of Auschwitz. Mattogno therefore concludes:
“The Case for Auschwitz is neither a scholarly nor a historical work; it is only a biased journalistic assemblage of poorly understood and poorly interpreted historical sources.” This is a book of prime political and scholarly importance, as it delivers the exterminationists’ case the most devastating blow ever.

An exhaustive technical study of cremation technology in general and of the crematory ovens of Auschwitz in particular. Next to the alleged “gas chambers,” these ovens are claimed to have been the main “weapon of crime” said to have destroyed the traces of up to a million murdered individuals. On a sound and thoroughly documented base of technical literature, extant wartime documents and material traces Mattogno reveals the true hygienic function, i.e. the benign nature of the crematories of Auschwitz.


First published in 1976, this slightly revised and enhanced edition of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century is the seminal work of “Holocaust” revisionism and still the most widely read on the subject. In 502 pages of penetrating study and lucid commentary, Dr. Butz gives the reader a graduate course on the subject of the Jews of World War Two Europe – concluding not only that they were not virtually wiped out, but what’s more, that no evidence exists to date to confirm that there was ever any attempt to do so.

The book was written to fit the need of both those who have no in-depth knowledge of the Holocaust or of revisionism, as well as for well-versed readers familiar with revisionism. Anyone who wants to bring himself up to date on revisionist scholarship, but does not want to read all the special studies that were published during the past ten years, needs this book! The book’s style is unique: It is a dialogue between the lecturer and the reactions of the audience. Rudolf introduces the most important arguments and counter arguments of Holocaust revisionism. The audience reacts with supportive, skeptical, and also hostile questions. The Lectures read like an exciting real-life exchange between persons of various points of view. The usual moral, political, and pseudo-scientific arguments against revisionism are addressed and refuted. This book resembles an entertaining collection of answers to frequently asked questions on the Holocaust. With generous references to a vast bibliography, this easy-to-understand book is the best introduction into this taboo topic for both readers unfamiliar with the topic and for those wanting to know more.

“The First Holocaust” by Don Heddesheimer is a critical work documenting the continuous Jewish attempts at floating out Holocaust propaganda before, during and after World War One, often invoking the magical “6,000,000” figure and using the term “Holocaust”. Of course, these clever propagandists have since accomplished their goal of establishing the outrageous myth of the Jewish Holocaust™ in the public consciousness following the end of WW2. In large part due to fictional Hollywood movies like “Shindler’s List”.

The book “The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism” describes how the 6 million number is kabbalistically derived. 600,000 souls leaving Egypt multiplied by the 10 sephiroth. The number 6 million is a symbolic number with a religious meaning and the Holocaust is part of the religious dogma of Judaism. The symbolic 6,000,000 and the special term, holocaust, were carefully created, crafted and fabricated by those who follow undeniably Talmudic-Kabalistic doctrines. Jewish author, Benjamen Blech, confirmed this reality in his book “The Secrets of Hebrew Words”.

This book was published anonymously in 1969, but it is now a common knowledge that the author of this pioneering little book was Prof. David L. Hoggan, a history professor at Stanford University. It almost seems a precursor to the explosive report Did Six Million Really Die? as it lays out common-sense and little known facts about the real policies of Third Reich Germany and its policies towards repatriating Jews out of Germany.

Paul Rassinier was arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943 and deported to Germany, where he was held prisoner until the end of the war in Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps. Rassinier was profoundly distressed by the many lies and myths about the concentration camps that were being circulated. He wrote: “Then one day I realized that a false picture of the German camps had been created and that the problem of the concentration camps was a universal one, not just one that could be disposed of by placing it on the doorstep of the National Socialists. The deportees — many of whom were Communists — had been largely responsible for leading international political thinking to such an erroneous conclusion. I suddenly felt that by remaining silent I was an accomplice to a dangerous influence. With regard to gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses and of falsified documents to which I have invited the reader’s attention during this long study, proves, nevertheless, only one thing: never at any moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order — or, in fact, order — the extermination of the Jews in this or any other manner.”

Did Six Million Really Die? was originally published by the Historical Review Press in England in 1974. It was an immediate success and even though no bookshop would stock it, word spread fast. Did Six Million Really Die? is the book for which Ernst Zündel was taken to court in Canada for merely reprinting; leading to the two great Holocaust trials of 1985 and 1988 in which the Holocaust was fully exposed in court by Ernst Zündel and his excellent defence team represented by distinguished attorney Doug Christie. Did Six Million Really Die? is also the book for which gifted French teacher François Duprat was murdered in 1978 for publishing the first French translation.

Eyewitness testimony must always be verified. There are two essential means of verifying such testimony in criminal cases: confronting the account with the material elements (in particular, with expertise as to the crime weapon), and the detailed cross-examination of the witness on what he/she purports to have seen. Thus, in the proceedings where it had been a question of the homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz, no judge nor any attorney was able to claim any kind of expertise regarding the weapon of the crime; moreover, no lawyer ever cross-examined the witnesses by asking them to describe with precision even one of these chemical slaughter-houses. That is, up until 1985. When witnesses that year were finally cross-examined on these subjects during the first Zündel trial in Toronto, their rout was total. Because of this resounding set-back and by reason of other calamities previous to or following 1985, the defenders of the thesis of Jewish extermination have begun to abandon a history of Auschwitz primarily founded on testimonies and are obliging themselves, at the present time, to replace it with a scientific basis, or, at least, one which appears scientific, founded on factual research and proofs. The ‘testimonial history’ of Auschwitz in the manner of Elie Wiesel and Claude Lanzmann is discredited.

Udo Walendy examines the alleged visual documents—photographs—that are claimed to prove the atrocities perpetrated by the National Socialists against the Jews. The question at issue is what exactly the pictures show, whether they were retouched or whether they may even be completely fabricated, i.e., montages or drawings. A pile of dead bodies or an open mass grave, for example, can be presented as evidence for the gas chamber murders, but what is there to prove that the pictures do not in fact show the German victims of Allied air-raids, or the victims of starvation or epidemics in German or Allied camps, soldiers killed in action, victims of pogroms, or even persons killed by the Soviet secret service? Udo Walendy shows with numerous examples that the falsification of photographs for purposes of incriminating the Third Reich is rather more the rule than the exception. It is astonishing to note that there are usually many different versions of a forged photograph, which makes it easy to spot cases of alteration. Walendy shows that the photo documents analyzed by him cannot be incontestable evidence for the claims usually associated with them.

Many of the Holocaust and other WWII atrocity photographs shown in Forged War Crimes can be viewed in our public libraries, where they are presented as authentic. By comparing versions in different books and analyzing lighting and scale, this astonishing book exposes them as forgeries. They are the product of Stalin’s Cold War propaganda operation and many are merely photographed drawings. For exposing fraud its author, Udo Walendy, was imprisoned in Germany. The judge told him “We are sentencing you not for what you wrote, but for what you left out.”

This remarkable study of Auschwitz is unlike anything yet published. Though it is purposely small in size and easy to read, it carries a powerful punch. The author visited Auschwitz as a tourist armed with a broad study of the literature surrounding the world-famous site, and from that visit has proceeded to deconstruct the Auschwitz shown to her and others as a “death” or “extermination” camp. By taking the reader on an “underground guided tour” around Auschwitz-Birkenau, she clearly demonstrates it to be, at varying times and locations within the perimeters, a simple labor, concentration and transit camp for political prisoners, where the health of the inmates was a prime concern of the camp authorities. Sound unbelievable? After reading this carefully researched book, you will see the horror stories for so long spread about Auschwitz-Birkenau in a new, more skeptical, light, and you may very well be so impressed you’ll want to share your new vision with others. A cautiously written work that moves toward a surprising conclusion, leaving us pondering how so much that is not true has seeped into our consciousness as “fact.” Lavishly illustrated.

Holocaust Handbooks
Each book can be downloaded as a free PDF file from each book’s dedicated webpage:

Free Book Archive of VHO.ORG
Historical Revisionism – International and Independent Scientific Historical Research


The “gas chamber” that is shown to visitors at Auschwitz was never a gas chamber. It was in fact a mortuary which was also used an air-raid shelter. After the war, in 1948, the Soviets knocked down the interior walls, removed the bathroom facilities (there are clear marks on the walls and floors showing where walls had once stood and toilets had once been), cut four crude holes in the ceiling and built a fake brick chimney outside without even bothering to connect it to the building. They even left the original doors in place at either end which are flimsy wooden doors with a large glass pane that opens inwards. The chamber is also connected to the crematoria with no door in-between the two rooms. There is also a large window in the “chamber.” The location of the “chamber” was also conspicuous, situated extremely close to the hospital and other buildings. The poison gas would have infected the whole area.

The fact it was never a gas chamber is admitted by the Auschwitz museum. Inside there is even a sign saying “Never used as a gas chamber”.

In 1992 a young Jewish (secular) atheist Holocaust revisionist posing as a believer corners the curator of the Auschwitz Holocaust Museum Dr. Franciszek Piper with some very tough questions about the Holocaust at Auschwitz. He is forced to admit that the “gas chamber” was really built by the Soviets after the war.

Auschwitz Museum Director Reveals ‘Gas Chamber’ Hoax

Fake ‘Gas Chamber’
Each year for decades, tens of thousands of visitors to Auschwitz have been shown an execution “gas chamber” in the main camp, supposedly in its “original state.” In January 1995 the prestigious French weekly magazine L’Express acknowledged that “everything” about this “gas chamber” is “false,” and that it is in fact a deceitful postwar reconstruction.

Auschwitz I ‘gas chamber’ (Krema I)

Does it really matter that the Soviets built the Auschwitz gas chamber after WWII?

German Officer Forced To Build A Gas Chamber After The War
Gerhart Schirmer, a retired Bundeswehr officer was captured in 1945 by the Russians and held in Sachsenhausen which the Russians continued to use as a prison. Although the War and Nazism were over, Schirmer and a few fellow-prisoners were forced to construct a gas chamber and execution room, to show the world what the Nazis had done. He described his experiences in a booklet entitled ‘Sachsenhausen – Workuta, Zehn Jahre in den Fängen der Sowjets’ (Grabert Verlag, Tübingen, 1992).

There never did exist and does not exist today in any of the camps an example of a real gas chamber. Robert Faurisson asks the Holohoax propagandists to “show me or draw me a gas chamber?” Nobody has answered his request because they can’t because were no gas chambers.

During Ernst Zündel’s court trial of 1988 the defence asked an alleged “eyewitness” to the gas chamber at Auschwitz to point on a map where the gas chamber was. He couldn’t do it because there were no gas chambers.

The entire gas chamber story is technically implausible. The official story is that Zyklon-B pellets were dropped through holes in the roof onto the cold concrete floor. However the boiling point of the hydrogen cyanide (HCN) in Zyklon B is 26ºC, the evaporation of HCN from Zyklon-B is probably too slow to kill humans in gas chambers in the way it has been alleged if the gas chamber temperature is below 26ºC. To kill quickly (within minutes), the gas chamber probably needs to be heated to at least 26ºC, but the kind of heating device required was not found in Auschwitz. Moreover the witnesses said it was not used at all, and claimed that the SS man just used to pour Zyklon-B through four holes in the roof. Some Holocaust-accusers explain that by saying that the human bodies in the gas chamber provided the required heating. But that is a very far-fetched “explanation”, since the human body is about 36ºC warm, it is unlikely that the human bodies are able to heat a room of – say- 10ºC in winter to 26ºC.

There needs to be a heating system to heat the Zyklon-B pellets. There needs to be a means of diffusing the gas into the chamber. The gas chamber needs to be hermetically sealed to prevent the gas from escaping including the holes in the roof, the doors and any other gaps as well as light fittings. There needs to be an extraction system to remove the gas from the chamber. There needs to be a very tall chimney for the gas to safely be expelled. There needs to be an extremely strong and thick steel door which can withstand the pressure of hundreds of people pushing against it trying to escape. None of these requirements existed or exist today at Auschwitz. None of these requirements were found by Fred Leuchter, Germar Rudolf, Walter Lüftl, Fredrick Töben, Carlo Mattogno, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zündel, David Cole and others who have carried out a technical inspection of the alleged “gas chambers” – which are admitted as never being a gas chamber.

Based upon very generous maximum usage rates for all the alleged “gas chambers” totalling some 1693 per week and assuming these facilities could support gas executions it would have required 68 years to execute the alleged number of six million persons.

It was claimed at Nuremberg that 4 million had been disposed of in the Auschwitz camp crematoria. In 1989 that number was reduced to 1.5 million which is still a technically impossible figure. There were crematorium in each camp, but they simply didn’t have the capacity.

There are 8760 hours in one year. It takes 2-3 hours to cremate a human body even with the most modern crematoria. If one crematory was operating 24 hours a day 365 days a year which is an impossible scenario you could cremate only 4380 bodies in one year. If 30 crematoria were running 24/7/365 you could cremate only 131,400 bodies in one year. If 30 crematoria were running 24/7/365 for 4 years you could cremate only 530,300 bodies.

The camps had between four and twelve ovens each giving 17,520 to 52,560 bodies per year maximum at each camp – this still wouldn’t be possible as you can’t run these ovens non-stop without the metal fracturing. There is also the problem of fuel as each body would need about 40-50 kilograms of coke to burn – there is no record of the massive amount of coke required being supplied. It is claimed that 60-70,000 people were cremated every day. This would require a huge quantity of coke. It requires 40-50 kilograms of coke to cremate one corpse which would require about 2000 tons of coke per day. The operating documents of Auschwitz concentration camp released from the Soviet archives reveal that the entire quantity of coke which was supplied for the crematoria throughout the entire period of the war was only 2,188 tons of coke which is enough to cremate only 60-70,000. Furthermore detailed aerial photographs of Auschwitz which were taken by American, British and South African planes show no signs of huge mountains of coke or huge mass graves or pits and no lines of people waiting outside a gas chamber.

Cremation specialists have confirmed that thousands of corpses could not possibly have been cremated every day throughout the spring and summer of 1944 at Auschwitz, as has often been alleged. Ivan Lagacé, manager of a large crematory in Canada, testified in court in April 1988 that the Auschwitz cremation story is technically impossible. The allegation that 10,000 or even 20,000 corpses were burned every day at Auschwitz in the summer of 1944 in crematories and open pits is simply “preposterous” and “beyond the realm of reality,” he declared under oath.

If these crematories operated at a theoretical rate of a maximum output 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any down time and at constant pace which is an impossible situation it would have taken at least 35 years at an impossible minimum to cremate six million persons.

“By 1942-43, the liquidation of graves in all killing centers was in progress. Auschwitz transferred the corpses to the five new crematoriums, which could burn about 12,000 bodies a day”
– Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews page 629

“Lagacé stated that this claim was “preposterous” and “beyond the realm of reality.”
To claim that 46 retorts could cremate over 4,400 bodies in a day was “ludicrous.” Based on his own experience, Lagacé testified that it would only have been possible to cremate a maximum of 184 bodies a day at Birkenau.”

The Nuremberg trials told us 4 million were killed at Auschwitz and this was official dogma for decades and everyone believed it as fact. Then in 1989 when the Communist system collapsed the Russians released the captured Auschwitz death records to their archives and the Poles quickly revised the death toll down to 1.5 million which is no more credible than the original 4 million lie. The Zionist controlled media still continue to tell us that 6 million Jews died.

The official Auschwitz camp death certificates revealed that the death toll for all inmates Jews and non-Jews at Auschwitz between May 1940 through to December 1944 was 74,000 of which roughly only 30,000 were Jews. Jews comprised only 23% of Auschwitz prisoners, and there were still many thousands of Jewish survivors of Auschwitz after the war.

Jews made up only around 23% of Auschwitz, only around 12% of Dachau and only around 30% of Buchenwald.

For decades after WW2 the Red Cross maintained that the estimated 270,000 deaths inside the camps resulted from malnourishment and disease of which 40% were Jews. The Allied footage of dead camp inmates are of those who died of typhus and starvation in the final weeks of the war as a result of a total breakdown of supplies due to Allied saturation bombing destroying all infrastructure.

Official records from International Red Cross prove “Holocaust” was a fraud.
Released records, sealed for years, show “concentration camp” death totals of only 271,301

Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948
For over a century, the Jewish World Almanac has been widely regarded as the most authentic source for the world’s Jewish population numbers. Academics all over the world, including the editors of the Encyclopedia Britannica, used to rely on the accuracy of those numbers. Here is what the World Alamanacs of 1933 and 1948 had to say about the world population of Jews.

Heinrich Himmler, chief of the Concentration Camps issued orders on December 28, 1942, that “The death rate in the concentration camps must be reduced at all costs” (Reitlinger, “The Final Solution”). The camps had been hit with a deadly typhus epidemic that spread by fleas and body lice. Stomach pain, high fever, emaciation and death can quickly follow. All of the camps were factories and the loss of workers was hurting war production. Inspector of the camps, Richard Glucks responded to Himmler’s order on January 20, 1943, “Every means will be used to lower the death rates” (Nuremberg Tribunal Document No. 1523).

On April 10, 1943, Oswald Pohl, head of the Economic Administration Office of the camps issued a letter stating that persons with tuberculosis were being sent to the camps resulting in the “shockingly high mortality figures” (Nuremberg Documents). Later, on September 30, 1943, Pohl was able to show that the camp death rate had been reduced from 8.5% in July, 1942 to 2.8% in June 1943.

The German SS arrested Buchenwald Commandant, Karl Koch in 1943 for mistreating and even executing some prisoners. After an investigation Koch was found guilty by SS Judge Konrad Morgen and shot. Does this sound like a policy of “extermination?”

After the War, with suspicion rapidly rising about the holocaust claim, a committee of Jewish leaders from New York and Paris met with communist leaders in Warsaw. There they established the “Committee for the Investigation of War Crimes and War Criminals”. It was after this meeting that the announcement was made that all gas chambers were located in Poland.

Documented – Germans Punished Germans for Mistreatment of Jews in WW II

Punishment of Germans, by Third Reich authorities, for mistreatment of Jews (1939-1945)

Two of the Soviet investigators who compiled the fraudulent report pinning the blame for the 1940 NKVD massacre of 4,000+ Poles at Katyn on the Germans! Also signed the official Soviet report on Auschwitz.


Torture and “Confession” of Auschwitz Commandant Rudolf Höss
The post-war confessions of Rudolf Höss, as well as others are known to be false statement obtained by torture. Several confessions, written out in English, were signed by German officers, thought they didn’t speak or write or word of English.

How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss

The four documents which “prove” Nazis gassings
American Revisionist Samuel Crowell (a pseudonym) in his excellent 2011 book ‘The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes’, writes how the Allies presented just four German documents at the Nuremberg Trials to prove the Nazis gassed people. And those were all mistranslated or completely out of context.

No real evidence for the gas chambers, experts admit
Many of the leading scholars of the Holocaust have stated on record, that the actual evidence to prove the Nazis operated homicidal gas chambers, is virtually non-existent. Following are a few of their admissions of this fact:

An orthodox historian finally acknowledges: There is no evidence for Nazi gas Chambers – Robert Faurisson

Auschwitz ovens: 400 corpses cremated in 5 mins

‘5 Million Jews Died in 1 Camp’

The “Six Million” Myth

Erm … How do you know its six million?

Britain’s to blame, for 6,000,000 Holocausted Jews
Cleveland Jew, Dr. Abba Hillel Silver addressed 70,000+ people at a Zionist rally in Madison Square Gardens, New York City on June 11, 1945.
Somehow, despite it being 5 months before the IMT at Nuremberg would even begin, Dr. Silver knew 6,000,000 Jews had been killed by the Nazis.

256 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement

Two hundred ‘Six million Jews” allegations from 1900-1945.

140 Occurrences Of The Word Holocaust & The Number 6,000,000 Before The Nuremberg Trials Began,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

6,000,000 Jews killed in 136AD
This 1897 “Science of Religion” American magazine, claims nearly
six million Jews were killed in the Bar Kokhba revolt 132-136AD

The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the 6 million number

The Kabbalah, gematria, Jewish Magic & the Holocaust’s sacred 6,000,000

Was there Really a Holocaust? By Dr. E. R. Fields

Decalogue of Inconvenient Facts about the Holocaust (so-called)


Anti-Zionist Jew Josef Ginsburg, whose father was a rabbi, testified as a defence witness in the second trial of Ernst Zündel in 1988. In his testimony Ginsburg stated that the false, sick statements made by “Holocaust survivors” would go down by 95.5% if they were made to swear a special Jewish oath, as the superficial oath made in a secular court of law was not morally binding for Jews.

Elie Wiesel Cons The World: A website dedicated to exposing the false testimony of the world’s most famous holocaust survivor.

Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Soap and Lampshades: The Lies Persist

Lessons of the Mengele Affair

Sefton Delmer – British Master of “Black Propaganda”

Soviet/Allied Photo Forgeries of “German Atrocities”

Dino A Brugioni: Photo Fakery: The History and Techniques of Photographic Deception and Manipulation
Dino A. Brugioni was one of the founders of the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. He also co-authored the CIA’s “Retrospective Analysis of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Complex.” In the “About the Author” section of this book it notes that he “became the CIA expert in photo fakery and photo manipulation.” Of course this topic is of interest to revisionists. It is doubly interesting in that the self-admitted CIA expert in photo fakery is also the one who wrote the CIA’s report based on aerial photos to prove the Holocaust.

Auschwitz Cremation Pit Photo Fraud

Auschwitz: Myths and Facts

High Frequency Delousing Facilities at Auschwitz

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