Anti-Zionist Zionist gatekeeper Miko Peled and his vile, deceitful smear campaign against Trevor LaBonte and the truth movement as a whole


I don’t know how many people realize that Miko Peled is just a gatekeeper. And now he has misled all of his stupid fans into believing that FB disabled his account because of his totally phony opposition to “Zionism.” He is back on FaceBook, taking a self-congratulatory victory lap now, after his fans circulated a petition to unlock his FB account which fooled hundreds of people into believing that he was being “censored.”

Here’s what really happened, and why it matters: 

His account was actually disabled because he had not provided his ID. His account was probably reported by someone (not me) who was fed up with his gatekeeping and his preposterous and deeply insulting idea that “Palestinians and Israeli jews can live in peace if those darned zionists would tear down the apartheid wall.”

No, Miko, all the invader jews need to get out. Why should the Palestinians allow these terrorist, supremacist jews who have been tormenting them for 70+ years to keep what they have stolen? Peled’s ideas are as ridiculous as thinking it is normal that someone should break into your house, murder half your family, move into the house, occupy 95% of it, and then offer “peace” negotiations. Jewish delusional thought has no bounds. Total insanity, your name is Judaism.

Are people really DUMB enough to believe this tripe about the “good, honest jewish son” of a f#&%ing “Israeli” General, who wants an end to “tear down the wall” and end “apartheid?” All he is doing is trying to legitimize what his genocidal jewish maniac father stole through his outstanding leadership in military state terrorism.

Anyway, Miko, who is apparently an idiot, fired off a bunch of demonstrably false and ridiculous claims about me being a “neo-nazi,” an “Israeli plant,” and a racist. And he claimed that I was personally responsible for the “attack” on his page. What an amazing researcher he is, he is 0 for 4 there. I guess he is above worrying about how that affects his credibility.

I never wanted to silence him, in fact, I asked him a dozen times to debate me, which he snobbishly and very jewishly ignored to my chagrin.

They are very anxious to convince the world that Judaism has neeeeever been a problem, but look at this: Here are photocopied pages of the Zohar and Talmud. Notice the chapters called “The necessity of exterminating gentiles” and “Israel’s destiny to rule the world.” Jewish law stipulates that gentiles who gain knowledge of Judaism’s secret writings are to be killed.

The fact the Miko has blocked all three of my FB accounts and my Twitter account is proof that he knows he doesn’t have an argument, and now he is just continuing to lie to his IDIOTIC and GULLIBLE fans that FB is poisecuting him. Oh vey, it’s another holocaust! 

Anyway, that is the update. Meanwhile, it is MY primary FB account which is actually blocked for a month, and the statement I made which apparently offends Joobook community standards is: “Miko Peled is a liar and a zionist.” Also included was this link to Nahida Exiled Palestinian’s excellent warning about Miko, which is a must-read:

Wow. If there is ANYTHING I HATE, it’s the jewish douche-bags whose Mossad task is policing the Palestinian discourse, calling people anti-semites, neo-nazis, etc, and never allowing people to discuss the SOURCE of the problem, which is of course Jewish bigotry, supremacism, and racism, which OF COURSE has all its roots in the jewish religion and culture.

These nice, friendly, “anti-war” jews are not our friends or allies, they are not “doing good things” or “raising awareness, they are DUPING THE GOYIM. Period. AND, as it turns out, they are the very SOURCE of the reason why the movement has only ever gone backwards and they situation in Palestine is worse than ever. And of course we all get viciously attacked for saying that “anti-semitism” is provoked by jewish behavior rather than being what the jews all insist it is, which is an irrational, superstitious fear or hatred of jewish people based on ignorance and purely racist grounds. 

Jews don’t give a flying FIG about Palestinians, or any other non-jews for that matter. Read ANY Jewish newspaper, you will see that they only ever discuss what it “good for the jews,” and NEVER what is good for humanity as a whole. The idea of loving all people universally is TOTALLY foreign to jewish religion and culture. Judaism is nothing but a genocidal, racist cult on a mission to exterminate humanity.

There is absolutely no basis for anything resembling peace in a religion which designates gentiles as sub-humans, scum, animals and slaves for the jews. Jewish religious writings state, “Kill the gentiles by every means imaginable,” and, “The best of gentiles are to be killed.” There are a PLETHORA of statements in it which are just as bad.

Judaism strictly forbids being kind, fair, honest, or merciful to any gentile. It stipulates that when a gentile strikes a jew, it is like striking God. If a jew intimates knowledge of the vile, obscene secret writings of the jewish religion to a gentile,  the offending Jew is responsible for a crime equal to killing all jews. That is an admission right there that Judaism is so murderous and conspiratorial that any gentile who studies it will automatically recoil in horror and take necessary steps to stop its advances on humanity. Gentiles are automatically considered “anti-Semitic” just for having read the jews’ own books.

Many other prominent and respected figures in the movement including Gilad Atzmon and Michael Hoffman agree that the crimes of “Israel” and the banking cabal are rooted in the intense, seething, psychotic goy-hatred that drips from every word associated with Jewish religion and culture, which is so desperately hidden from public view and protected by such gatekeepers as Max Blumenthal, Ali Abuminah, Miko Peled, Gareth Porter, Jewish Voices for Peace, Mondoweiss, Democracy Now, or any other controlled opposition figures or groups which are up to their EYEBALLS in Jews.

None of these gatekeepers will allow unhindered discourse about 9/11, the Holocaust, Judaism aka jewish racism, or any other of a number of topics which, once investigated in the full light of day, would bring about the demise of the Jewish plan for world rulership.

And by the way, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the Holocaust myth and “9/11 was Muslims” myth are not relevant to the liberation of Palestine and the world. They are both crucial to “Israel’s” existence. 

What they do is actually very clever, and is the only possible explanation why everyone in the world’s best efforts have been in vain so far. The enemy simply knows that if they control the discourse, that we will never solve the problem.

We will never even take the first step, which obviously would be to locate and define the source of the problem. We are not even allowed to discuss it within earshot of the public, as all these aforementioned publications have policies of blocking comments that are too on-target. Holocaust and 9/11 truth have received the Orwellian labels of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” and under this pretext, the truth is hidden from the public eye.

This is my plea for sanity: stop tolerating gatekeepers. How are we going to storm the castle if we cannot even approach the gate? This is why Jonathan Azaziah, myself, and the other editors at Mouqawamah Music have declared all-out war on the “controlled opposition,” and all rules of engagement are off.

Complain about the right-wing Zionists all you want, it only ever goes absolutely NOWHERE, because the “anti-war” “anti-Zionist Zionist” left will block your every shot at the sensitive, racist core of jewish religion and culture. But if you aim for the left, you will take out the entire apparatus and it will go up in flames. No one suspects that the Jewish “progressive left” is the source of the problem, but it is. Shift your focus, troops. 

(I will leave you with this example, courtesy of my lifelong friend Sam, of how to smack the controlled opposition right between the eyes):

Other relevant pieces:


The importance of unhindered discourse

Once again, Robert Martin and Miko Peled are gatekeepers to the movement. They also display textbook gatekeeper behavior when they spread lies and hate about people who bring up issues which they deem irrelevant to the Palestine question. Really, 9/11 is not relevant to “Israel?” Because Israel COMMITTED 9/11. Really, the holohoax is not relevant? Because it is the premiere foundational myth of “Israel.” Really, Judaism is not relevant? Because all of Israel’s laws and policies come straight from Judaism.
The problem is a little bit like the BP oil spill. It does basically nothing to focus solely on “clean-up” when there is huge underwater cloud of oil shooting out from the seafloor. You have to FIND THE SOURCE of the problem and shut it off. Refusing to discuss Judaism is ignoring the source, which means the problem will only continue to get worse and worse if you allow people such as Miko Peled and Robert Martin to police the discourse.
Take one look at the things Miko is saying: That “Israel” is an “apartheid” state and that we have to “tear down the wall.” First of all, “Israel” is NOT an “apartheid” state because apartheid is a system of exploitation. Israel is a GENOCIDAL state because it is not trying to profit off of the Palestinians, it just wants them gone.
IF we were to just “tear down the wall,” how would that solve a military occupation? Where would the Palestinians go, when there would still be millions of jewish squatters living in the Palestinians’ HOMES? His solutions are too silly to be taken seriously. How could anybody be so delusional as to think “ending apartheid” addresses the core problem? The only solution is for all the invader jews to get out, and face criminal charges for what they did to the Palestinians, not just continue to squat in the Palestinian’s homes!
Interestingly enough, none of the pot-shots that are being taken at me are accurate at all. I have been called a “neo-Nazi,” and “Israeli plant, a “racist,” and have been blamed with shutting down Miko’s page, even though I had nothing to do with it. Miko must not care at all about his credibility. I had to proved ID for my FB account, and it didn’t make me quit the movement. Miko must not really care at all about the Palestinians since he abandoned them on FB so readily.
“Israel” itself is only one symptom of the problem. “Israel” was founded by the illegitimate Jewish Rothschild criminal international bankster syndicate. They have a quadrillion dollar global heist going on, and they control almost all of the world’s money supply. Their religion, Judaism, tells them that their mission is to steal all the wealth of the gentiles and make them live as slaves to the jews. This is a problem which must be solved at its SOURCE. We cannot blow smoke up our own asses about boycotting figs and cous cous and soda machines. This accomplishes NOTHING at all. The cabal already have all of the money, you can’t hurt them that way.
What we need to solve the problem is UNHINDERED DISCOURSE, but gatekeepers like Miko and Robert are actually the source of this problem, as they can be seen acting like referees and trying to eject people for talking about the issues that will bring down the Rothschild cabal: JUDAISMl, 9/11, and the HOLOHOAX.
Remove the gatekeepers, and we can, for the first time ever, have a real discussion.

“Anti-war” journalist Gareth Porter derails discussion at Tehran truth conference, unwittingly exposes gatekeepers

Trevor LaBonte, 2014

It is becoming clear that the “anti-war” left is one of the most major hindrances in the truth community. They are the premiere enforcers of “political correctness,” a cultural Marxist invention to remove all pragmatic solutions and effective discourse from the parameters of socially acceptable discourse.

Gareth Porter has made a rather stunning display of this phenomenon with his recent statements and curious behavior regarding the “New Horizons” conspiracy conference in Tehran. Porter hurled epithets at author and political commentator Mark Glenn for disbelieving in the insulting and physically impossible official 9/11 story and for pointing out a very uncomfortable fact that Judaism has no benefits for the gentile world, but is a religion of unchecked self-worship and moral relativism. Others gentiles who have investigated Judaism have determined that it’s core is composed of pure anti-gentile narcissism, which is extremely relevant due to the fact that the nuclear rogue, ethnic cleanser known as “Israel” just so happens to define itself as “The Jewish State.” Why would “anti-war” activists endeavor to make this CRUCIAL discussion of Israeli politics within the context of Jewish culture into such a taboo?

Porter’s tactics are typical tactics for the Anti-Defamation League, the unofficial Public Relations firm for the Zionist ethnic-cleansing project in Palestine. But for a supposed “anti-war” journalist, it exposes a very interesting and crucial facet of why the truth movement has difficulty gaining traction.

Anytime anybody gets the right answer, they are immediately called “anti-semites,” “holocaust deniers,” and “conspiracy theorists.” Interestingly, the Zionists and their gatekeepers, possibly plagued by guilt and suffering badly from intellectual fatigue, often jumble up their own terminology, calling people “holocaust deniers” simply for making independent inquiries about 9/11 or the JFK assassination, two events which happen to be damningly COVERED in Israel’s and the American jewish mob’s fingerprints. How is that ‘holocaust denial?” On top of that, how can someone “deny” the holocaust if it is presented as a foregone conclusion that this event unfolded as presented in textbooks which happen to be published by the Rothschild jewish mob itself, and people are not even allowed to make up their own minds in the first place, before they can even be in a position to confirm or deny anything?

Looking at just the facts of 9/11, the entire internet is covered with hard evidence that Israel was the perpetrator. So why is the left making it impossible to discuss this? Why would Porter want to prevent Mark Glenn from speaking at the conference? Why was Porter so offended that speakers at the conference were discussing how to make knowledge of Israel’s well-known attack on 9/11 go mainstream? Who does he think he is? Vladimir Lenin??? What would he do if someone wanted to expose Israel’s and elements within the US Government’s collaboration on the infamous attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, which was yet another false-flag attack, with the exact same motive as 9/11, to deceptively draw America into a war for Israel’s bloody expansionist plans in the Middle East?

I find it odd that an American is trying to kill free speech in Iran of all places. Zio-Brainwashed Americans (sorry to be so redundant) will certainly have great cognitive dissonance trying to figure that one out, since they rather stupidly believe America to be a free country, and Iran, that country about which our “friend” Bibi Netanyahu is observably and frantically spreading the fattest whoppers imaginable regarding its alleged but totally non-existent “nuclear weapons program,” is supposed to be filled to the brim with Moooooooooslamic extremists and other Zionist-conjured scarecrows and apparitions.

But we really need to thank clumsy gatekeeper shills like Porter for providing us with this important opportunity to determine exactly what the shill agenda is. Look at this statement that Porter selected out of the 15,000 posts at The Ugly Truth/Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement website, written by Mark Glenn, and ask yourself if these statements are based on “anti-Semitism” or are just statements of pure fact:

“Judaism is nobody’s friend, short of those few who profit from it, and they are certainly small in number, as we have already discussed. Whether these people are one of ‘God’s chosen’ who do the bidding of their overlord Rabbis or whether they are one of those lowly Gentile types who were created for the purpose of serving ‘God’s chosen’, it is the same–Judaism is not their friend. It works to no one’s real benefit, short of those at the top who are giving the marching orders. It does not belong in the same class with other faiths dedicated to improving the individual and making him or her more pleasing to the one responsible for all creation. It does not make people better, it makes them worse. It is like a highly radioactive element that can bring nothing but sickness and eventual death. It does not bring liberation but rather enslavement.”

If this statement caused so much woe and ire for Porter, why did he fail to point out what is troublesome or incorrect about it? All Porter did was throw a hissy fit and hurl epithets, perhaps even more pathetically as Barack Obama trying to throw a baseball… but provided no facts upon which to base a real argument. This is the last bastion of lefty gatekeeper tactics, and signals to the truth community that the left have just burned their last chance of keep the truth concealed. To this author, there is nothing more satisfying that watching Zionists panic and sweat ice-cold bullets when their horrid crimes are discovered.

Surely by now, Porter should have been able to deduce that when worn-out epithets like the ones Porter used so viciously are used where they don’t apply, such as in cases of legitimate criticism of Judaism or against people bringing 9/11 facts to the table, what it means is that these epithets can no longer function effectively at silencing anything. Did Mark Glenn threaten to boycott the conference because some he didn’t like was slated to speak there? There’s not a snowball’s chance on Bibi’s fevered, sweltering forehead that anyone other that a treacherous gatekeeper shill would stoop so low. It makes even me just feel embarrassed for Porter that he would be so thoughtless as to screw up his own operation like this. I’m in shock, quite frankly.

Jewish power has been so thoroughly exposed for the corrupting agent that it is, that the standard cries of “anti-Semitism” no longer work, as the public is quickly waking up that the many malfeasances and treacherous false flag attacks by the “Jewish state” have been defended in this very suspicious ad hominem manner. It has gotten to the point that the “anti-Semite” label has become nothing short of a badge of honor for courageous and true journalism. Now that the term is dead and devoid of all meaning, what the hell are they going to call us now?

The website “Buzz Feed” ran the story about Porter today in a sad attempt to disgrace the Tehran conference which hosted massive heros like Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ken O’Keefe, but ended up unwittingly further exposing the cowardly, tactless, fact-less shill tactics of the left. Gareth Porter shot himself and his globalist friends in the foot, but only after sticking that foot right in his mouth. The entire truth movement KNOWS that Israel did 9/11, so why is it necessary to call someone an “anti-Semite” for pointing out what is bloody obvious to everyone who has taken ten minutes to investigate the event, starting with the facts and evidence, which all lead straight to Israel??

The gatekeeper establishment is finding it impossible to stem the flood of comments on their websites from people who aren’t having any more “official” lies. The truth is going mainstream. It is going absolutely viral, due to a huge number of fed-up people being able to interact directly with news outlets in real time. The lies are being shot down just as soon as they take off, and it just so happens that the alleged “conspiracy theorists” are the ONLY people there providing facts and evidence.

Beneath the fluff article, I found these comments already obliterating the obligatory paid-Israeli hasbara:

Nikademus Lawman · · Top Commenter

The truth is anti-Semitic. So what is pro-Semitism? Anyhow, Porter is persona non-grata to the professional geopolitical experts and has been since he associated with Zbigniew Brzezinski’s trojan horse of NIAC, who is equally in bed with the MEK who they had a faux litigation bout with and siphoned donors’ monies to pay for an extravagant $180,000 sanction as a result of their loss against Hassan Dai. Porter’s book is no revelation, but a series of stolen commentaries a la another Zionist gatekeeper, Noam Chomsky. The tactics of the fake left anti-war establishment are burned.

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