Mark Dankof Responds to the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir: Poetry for Palestine

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Mark Dankof on the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir:  It's About Control of Narrative and Demonization of Dissent. Mark Dankof on the Jewish Voice for Peace Broadside of Alison Weir: It’s About Control of Narrative and Demonization of Dissent.

     Alison Weir’s alleged support for the Gareth Porter/BuzzFeed/ADL broadside of Mark Glenn and the New Horizons Conference in Iran last fall recently boomeranged when she herself was broadsided by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). In that broadside, Ms. Weir was slandered for her association with me, which is absolutely nonexistent, save for a single appearance on my radio show some years ago.

     As Dr. E. Michael Jones pointed out in his article on this entire business in the December 2014 Culture Wars entitled, “The New New World Order,” the universe seems to revolve around the “Jewish control of narrative” and the demonization and character assassination of anyone offering…

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“Jewish Voice For Peace” Denver division calls Ken O’Keefe, Trevor LaBonte “neo-Nazis, Gilad Atzmon “racist,” anti-Semitic”

“Jewish Voice for Peace” is a mind-boggling organization. It is run by 26 jews and one transgender person, and is one of the premier controlled opposition obstacles in the battle for unhindered discourse.

Consider for a moment, the sheer chutzpah it takes for Jews to see themselves as the leaders of the movement to free Palestine. Jews do not believe gentiles are human, so how can they legitimately be considered ethical “voices” for anything? Isn’t it way past time for humanity to put its foot down on the raging, seething, frothing Jewish moral relativism disease that doesn’t believe non-Jews’ lives have any sanctity at all?

I have been over it elsewhere here on my blog, I have been repeating this message for about 4 years. JVP is wrong. Zionism is not colonialism. It is different. Colonialist projects must have a parent state. In the case of the borderless, constitution-less, racist, belligerent Zionist entity, it’s only parent is Judaism, the idea that the entire planet and all of it’s inhabitants are the property of the jews. Remember, gentiles are animals, this is why Jew’s can’t understand the concept of other people’s property rights or the right to live free from tyrannical Jewish globalist forces.

The controlled opposition’s one job is to control the discourse. There is a nice little sweet spot at the crossroads of the global truth movement, its only vulnerable place, where the Jews are feverishly trying to prevent certain knowledge from being assembled by the goyim. A number of people are awake to “Israel’s” ultra-violent, racist, Talmudic policies against the Palestinians. They don’t yet understand that Israel’s very existence is the problem, not its policies. But nonetheless, these are the people who are starting to wake up and are actively seeking answers, wrestling with their own sense of duty and morality, what to do, while the rest of the world sleeps or doesn’t care.

Certain Jews like the total bastards at JVP have to slip on one of their many infamous masks of Zion and busy themselves with convincing people that Jews are nice people and lots of them want peace. Judaism could NEEEEVER be the problem, move along, nothing to see here.

The brutal reality is that these is no basis for peace within Judaism or jewishness. The millennia of violent, genocidal outpourings of the jews are rooted directly in the unmitigated supremacism of considering themselves “chosen.”

That is the trick: keeping gentiles in the dark about the wild hatred of gentiles which oozes from every word or any Jewish religious OUR secular writings. There is no way around it, people who want answers to why their is so much horrific violence and so much conspiring by our governments need to know that these zio-collaborator governments and  institutions are nothing but a front for Jewish world-government interests and secret societies.

Then, the next step. People must be shown what Jews are. What do they believe? What makes some one “Jewish?” Who are these people? Where do they come from? What do they believe?

The answer is extremely disturbing.

It requires no commentary to water it down, just look at the Jews’ writings. No where will you say any jew say that jews’ and gentiles’ lives have equal value. That is the farthest possible concept away from what jewish thinking is all about. It is like a vegetarian Tyrannosaurus. It needs to be added that Jewish religious books are hidden from gentiles, for reasons which will become obvious. They are not in libraries. They are only in Synagogues, and the Library of Congress, but you can still look at photocopied pages in the link above. I hope you like reading about the Jewish necessity of “exterminating” you. BTW, this is where the jews lift their ideas about “Nazi exterminations” and “the Holocaust ™,” directly from THEIR OWN religious writings. That’s how uncreative they are, this monster likes to project its own criminality and collective guilt upon its victims. Horrid.

They talk about exterminating us, call us goyim (cattle), they literally think we are animals, we are their slaves, their property, and as such we have no rights. Read in the Talmud, Zohar, and other jewish writings yourself. You are to be killed, you are evil, you are Amalek, etc. Why am *I* called racist? If JVP is so concerned with racism, why not expose the worst, most cancerous kind of racism, JUDAISM? What a bunch of kosher clowns they are. How can any one stand it the soul-torturing hypocrisy of this charade?

A Jew cannot think gentiles’ lives have value, that thought runs counter the very essence of Jewishness. It makes him not a Jew. The existence or non-existence of “good, honest Jews” is a red herring issue to throw people off the trail. We are not talking about individuals, we are talking about THE JEWISH IDEOLOGY.

And as Gilad Atzmon has pointed out in the past, we are free to criticize ideologies. This is not a form of racism or bigotry. It is the simple observation that Judaism is the world’s most extreme form of moral relativism. The Jewish belief that gentiles are literally lower than excrement is the only vulnerable aspect of the NWO. It must be confronted directly.

Back to JVP. Everything they say is a slimy deception. For one thing, they are a ZIONIST group. People that do not oppose the existence of a Jewish state on top of the blood and ashes of Palestine are called ZIONISTS. Why is a Jewish Zionist group trying to steer the Palestinians’ movement? It shouldn’t take much effort for people to see it is just simple controlled opposition. The only way the Jews’ ensure their own victory is by leading the opposition and causing it to fail on purpose, why they have done time after time.

By observing what the controlled opposition does, we can determine how to kill the Beast in the end. Study their baloney arguments and it all becomes so painfully apparent. Jews are using the controlled opposition to create a diversion. They know that if they can be allowed to control what people are allowed to think and say, the Jews have all the power. This is why humanity’s first battle is to LIBERATE THE DISCOURSE. Our pursuers know it is impossible to solve a problem you are not allowed to investigate, define, or describe. We will continue to fumble in the dark against this enemy until we know what it is. And forgive me for repeating myself, but the Jewish believe that non-Jewish life has no sanctity, the non-univeral, moral relativist essence of Judaism, is the kill switch that humanity needs to slam down to shut down this global nightmare.

But JVP is far too busy calling me, Ken O’Keefe, and Gilad Atzmon “neo-Nazis” and “anti-Semites.”  Try to talk about the blatantly jewish attack on 9/11. The Mossad left its filthy fingerprints all over the crime scene, for Pete’s sake. Or what happens when you confront them about all their sappy holocaust references? Most people are still unaware of the fact that the Holocaust is a fictional event. Go ahead and look for any real evidence, it doesn’t exist. Amazingly, I made it into my 30’s without anyone ever suggesting that maybe we were lied to by the jewish owned news and entertainment industries and indoctrination (education) system.

9/11 and the Holohoax are two of the main pillars of the Judaic World Order. Smash them every chance you get, if you want to see the monolithic, evil apparatus crumble. But Jewish supremacism  itself is the core of the Judaic Death Star.

For people like me, who find themselves beholding the black, oily, pumping Jewish heart of the NWO, who followed the rabbit hole all the way down, this is one of the few honors bestowed upon us. We get called “anti-Semites” by the most despicable jews of all, the ones who wrap themselves in the Palestinian flag while feverishly sanitizing the discourse of any talk that will lead to results.

And please, neo-Nazi? Give me some credit. I have written may posts about how the entire “neo-Nazi” concept was invented by jews who want to conceal the truth about WW I and II. Did you ever see anyone in NSDAP Germany covered in tattoos and piercings, shaving their heads, or any of that shit? It is all strictly and image being pumped out by the Jewish media. NSDAP Germany was focused on its own survival, not on hatred of non-white people, contrary to what any jewish propagandist anywhere will tell you. I am so sick of Jews calling people “Nazis.” The term is a fully loaded epithet, no different than a jew calling black “nigg*r.” Those were good people, simply trying to set themselves and Europe free from the tyranny of the Rothschild criminal banking enterprise and the jewish bolshevik terror. Let people no longer tolerate the slander and desecration of the names and souls of the German people, or anyone else for that matter.

I just can’t get over the inability of JVP to ever cite any real information about me. Nazi, please. And it made my day to be mentioned alongside Gilad Atzmon, David Duke, and Ken O’Keefe, two of the best truth warriors in the world. Let JVP keep showing its ass to the world, that is what will cause the collapse of the very entity it is supposed to be protecting.

Here is the text from the “Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace” Facebook page:

[Begin quote]

This Friday, Gilad Atzmon will be speaking at Mutiny Cafe. Here is our response:

“As Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace, we are aware of the presence of right-wing rhetoric and casual anti-Semitism amongst many groups who oppose Zionism and many policies of the state of Israel. Many of us in Denver have noticed the influence of intellectually lazy anti-Zionism, which points the finger at Jews for our role in perpetrating the Israeli occupation, as opposed to the wider problem of Zionism and settler colonialism. In Denver, many are captivated by rhetoric like that of Gilad Atzmon, whose alliance with prominent neo-Nazis such as David Duke, Trevor LaBonte, and Ken O’Keefe is often hidden behind the smokescreen of his opposition to the state of Israel. His targeting of our own allies in the Palestine solidarity community such as Ali Abunimah, Noam Chomsky, and Jeff Halper are volatile and counter-productive to finding peace in Israel/Palestine.

This rhetoric and politics are not to be tolerated. When anti-Semitism infiltrates Palestine solidarity circles, it negatively impacts us as Jews. It is a clear form of racism that should be challenged at all times.

Atzmon and anti-Semitism in the Palestine solidarity community are a distraction from the issue at hand, namely the occupation of Palestine by Israel. We want to shift the conversation away from solely anti-Semitism. The more pressing conversation we want to have is one that recognizes that the anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia that sustains the occupation of Palestine comes from the same mindset as traditional anti-Semitism.

It is important for us to recognize as Jews that we are all affected by Israel’s actions. Israel falsely claims to represent us as Jews. The Israeli Law of Return gives us the right to move to Israel and live anywhere we want. Some of the same apartments that Diaspora Jews could be buying or renting in Palestine are built on top of the same land that is confiscated from the indigenous people of Palestine: in the Jerusalem area and the West Bank. Resentment of Diaspora Jews for the benefits we receive is warranted, and comes from a legitimate place of rage, because these benefits come at the expense of the Palestinian people.

Our leaders, and much of our community, have failed us by not speaking out against the injustices being done in our name. They often have a stronghold on Jewish public opinion. Whatever anti-Semitism we encounter within our movements obscures our role as ordinary Jews who oppose Zionism and the failures of these institutions. Given that Palestinians are always presumed to be anti-Semitic by US and Israeli propaganda, we do not need white Americans who claim to be members of our ranks reinforcing these false claims.

Ultimately, anti-Semitic rhetoric makes our movement hypocritical. It prevents us from standing up for those victimized by anti-black racism in the wake of the deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, and far too many more. It prevents us from fighting for justice for poor people and people of color in Denver being pushed out by increasing gentrification. It prevents us from seeking justice for Ryan Ronquillo and Jessica Hernandez, who were killed by the police here in Denver. It prevents us from challenging the racism under which our world has been held captive for the last 500 years of human history. Therefore, we officially condemn statements of Gilad Atzmon and others that seek to portray Jews as an inherently flawed group of people.”


Ok, for the billionth time, I have never been a racist. Notice how they compare us with the people that perpetrate racial hate crimes. I thought I was just criticizing an ideology? Find one instance when I even mentioned race, it doesn’t exist. Now look in the jews’ books and you will see that A)The consider themselves a race,  and B) they belief this “race” was chosen by God to own and rule the planet in a despotic one-world government. Hypocrisy and lies much, Jews? Again, why not choose to attack me on something I ACTUALLY did, say, or believe? Why am I always confronted with this scarecrow “Neo-Nazi” version of Trevor LaBonte? I denounce JVP in the strongest terms possible, and I denounce equally the jewish ideology too, just like Jesus did, and for the same exact reason, do you Christ-killer bastards understand that yet? You persecute the innocent for criticizing and exposing you own evil, for for that, I must say F*CK YOU, F*CK ALL OF YOU, until you can learn to be civilized and embrace universal morality like Christians, Muslims, and all other good people.

I don’t oppose jews for racial reasons, I oppose their ideology specifically because it is racist. I have never focused on Jews as a people, but we need to take a blowtorch to their racist ideology before it can turn any more our the planet into the nightmarish hell-scape they have already made it into. Do not tolerate these jewish lies, they are not against racism, they are the biggest racists in the world, and what the world needs is to know the truth about it. Expose JVP, Mondoweiss, Electonic Intifada, and all the rest of it. If it’s jewish, it’s supremacist and it’s crap. Period.

Please, world, catch on. This is why the “progressive Jewish left”‘s only task is to censor people, they don’t give a care Palestine, or they would address the only thing responsible for the current situation. Yes, JVP is a racist organization, which does not allow non-Jews in it’s higher, decision-making positions. And until it states that all the invader jews all need to leave Palestine, it is a ZIONIST organization. Of the worst kind. A deceptive Anti-Zionist-Zionist organizing which is snuffing out free speech while emitting a smoke-screen that “Judaism is not the problem, 9/11 was Muslims…the holocaust happened, and you deserve death if you don’t believe our top-notch Hollywood psych-war propaganda about that. ‘Greater Israel?’ The “Oded Yinon Plan” to spread zionist terrorism and chaos throughout the entire region to creat a Jewish super-state from the Nile to the Euphrates?’ NEVER HEARD OF IT. MOSSAD BOMBS, 9-11 Mural Vans, Dancing Israelis? Oy vey, you anti-Semite and your conspiracy theories! JVP condemns you! Away with you cursed Amalekites! Long live the Jews, the Master Race! Fall into our one-world government system!” The Palestine issue, although it is a main flashpoint of humanity’s war for survival, is not the axis around which the world revolves. It is just one part of a much larger mosaic of world tyranny. If the controlled opposition can fool you into into focusing only on Palestine, then the magician’s trick has been successful. As long as you think that “Zionism” and Israel are the only problems, you don’t focus on the fact that what we have is a top-down pyramid organization, with the Rothschild cabal at the top. Usury is the issue here, the world will be in the Rothschilds’ chains until the people wake up and stop letting the jews control global money supply, turning it on and off like tap water, engineering wars, famines, depressions, economic crashes, VIOLENT COUPS, and other atrocities against humanity. Almost all of the world’s problems are connected directly to these jews and their web of co-conspirators. You don’t believe in Jewish conspiracies? Then you don’t know one thing about Judaism, because it IS one big conspiracy against humanity. Why should we tolerate the ideology that is leading directly to our own deaths? These are not my words i am talking about, I am talking strictly of what is written it the various and numerous books of the Jewish religion, which state repeatedly that gentiles are to be KILLED?

I confront you directly with information such as this, and you have to make up lies and deceptions to cover your own ass, JVP? You call me a racist? To that I say unequivocally, I am not. I am calling YOU racist, because you are Jewish. Don’t compare me to people that perpetrate violent hate-crimes. Compare yourselves. And stop murdering free speech, it is the very thing which leads to murdering people. Do the math. I know you are good at math. “6 million! 6 million! Anti-semitism!” Right?

I read that the German government has now been extorted out of more than 100 BILLION dollars as a result of your Nuremberg kangaroo courts and international propaganda campaigns which are so heaping with Jewish bullshit. Lets get this straight: Usury and Jewish Bolshevism were the problem, Germany was reading a continental resistance against it. YOUR people were the bad guys, the communists and communist partizans. JEWISH regimes murdered 66 million Russians, and the jewish propaganda about the “Nazis” is turning out to be better as fodder for a crappy Hollywood movie than an story which makes sense and can be explained logistically. People really are seeing through it.

No thanks, JVP, I don’t need your bullshit. Go read your Talmuds and be good little Jews, all 26 of you that run your Orwellian little joint. But don’t lie about me to cover your own chosenite asses. It’s pathetic. And it indicates that the jig is up for you. You have been identified and exposed, and you can’t present a real argument why people such as Gilad Atzmon are racists. We oppose you because you are an ideological collective of moral relativists, not a race. We say this again and again, and still, you can only tell lies and fairy tails as you awkwardly flail and beg people not to suspect you of being controlled opposition, part of the enemy apparatus.


5 feet away, there is beautiful sunshine right outside my window. Yet, everyday, I sit here trying to create a some kind of thread that people can grab to help them figure out who is behind the NWO and how it can be stopped by truth. I could literally sit here all day every day, providing people with all the facts and evidence they need to convict the international jewish banksters’ world shadow-government and the sphere of jews + morally-defective gentiles it employs.
The stream of highly-organized and monolithic jewish criminality coming across my news feed is never-ending. Trying to spread this information has consumed most of my life for the last 4 or five years. I am very grateful and enthused by the quality of people like you, which have been such a pleasure to work with and who I consider my only friends so far on this long, dark journey to expose and smash the NWO.
Some of my less-intelligent former musical colleagues here in town seem to only grasp that I “hate jews.” The truth is that I neither love nor hate them, nor do I think their crimes are interesting or worthy of anyone’s time. The jews are boring, flat characters, never telling the truth, never repenting, never admitting their schemes to us (even though they openly brag to each other of their horrid exploits provided the Synagogue door is closed and locked.)
No, my posts do not contain any hatred of jews. Only hatred of what they have done to this planet, hatred of their disgusting, filthy, maggot-ridden amoral religion and ideology which systematically manufactures calamity after atrocity after outrage after genocide after engineered famine after war after war after war, all for the sole benefit of the afformentioned sacrosanct “jewish people.”
No, this is not some weird hobby of mine. I do not give a fuck about jews. I would rather return to my normal 10 hour a day music practice regiment.
When people say, “Trevor hates jews,” if they were being honest and truthful, what they would really say is, “Trevor deliberately places himself within harm’s way, happily enduring all sacrifices (such as the $100,000.00 worth of gigs he never got to play in the last 2 years, the cost of telling the truth for me) to PROVIDE AT NO COST, INFORMATION PROVING PROVING PROVING THAT ISRAEL DID 9/11 , THE HOLOCAUST STORY IS A BUNCH OF PURE BALONEY, AND THAT JUDAISM, AKA JEWISH MORAL RELATIVISM, IS ANYTHING BUT A POSITIVE THING FOR HUMANITY.
Rather than have this true and well-researched information get injected into the public consciousness, we have people like Craig Berlin going into hyper drive to make sure I am not heard, and in the process proving everything I have been saying about the tyrannical, censorious nature of jewish identity to be true.
Instead of admitting and denouncing their people’s crimes and being done with it, the jews insist on protecting their ancient tribal operations by helping to cover up the USS Liberty attack, Holomodor, the Bengali famine, the 60 MILLION Russian victims of jewish bolshevism, 9/11, jewish proprietorship of all the wars, the slave trade (African, white, sexual, you name it, it was the jews…) There is a much longer list but I don’t want to sit here for 5 years typing.
What other costs have there been for me? Well, let’s see…it’s only things money can buy. That means no car, no license to drive, no phone, no bank account, no going out…I also can’t afford an eye-exam to renew my contact lens/glasses prescription, and on top of that, reading thousands of articles has given me double vision because I can’t uncross my eyes enough to fully focus both eyes enough on the same thing if it is more than 15 feet away.
I am not saying any of this to complain, I have just never before publicly stated the price of doing this for me. And I can tell you right here and now that I don’t seek your donations. If you want to donate money to a REAL hero, go to The Ugly Truth website and donate to the caretaking of the great author, Michael Collins Piper, who has gifted humanity with everything it needs to charge, try and convict international jewish power in any fair court. After all he has done, he deserves much more.
Having no gigs is very painful for me. I have devoted myself to music for thirty years now, since I was 7 years old. Watching pro-players talking shit about me on one hand, and then asking me for lessons on the other, is beyond hypocritical. Their ugly side shows brightly as they happily scoop up my lost income for themselves, spread false rumors about me, with some of these morally-defective clowns actually using musical information I once showed them in lessons to do it.
I am sure I come across as arrogant as I say this, but in truth it is actually painful to admit, as most musicians have been trained to feign humility at all costs. To me, being a good or great musician is not anything to be proud of, it just means that’s what you put your time into. To the public, musicians have a special talent, a gift, something to be adored, worshipped. The truth is that almost no musicians develop their abilities for the betterment of humanity. No, I have worked with hundreds of these freaks and I can tell you that they believe in their own form of chosen-ness and are only concerned with creating the impression that they possess some kind of special magical power that you can never have and they never want you to have it either. Creates too much competition. Yes, even if they do figure out some of the “secrets” of music, they will do everything in their power from sharing any or it in a straightforward fashion. But what they do is incredibly simple and is nothing to be proud of.
The creation of amazing music has nothing to do with anything other than understanding the dirt-simple set of mathematical principles that determines what “sounds good.” Look at any of J.S. Bach’s music, look at Coltrane’s solo on “Giant Steps.” It’s all ultra-simple, there is no mystery to it. You have the triad, you have ways to embellish it, ways to move it around. The “genius” of good musicianship lies solely in one’s ability to recognize that all these nifty scales and what-not are not created by humans, but are inevitable results of nature. Nature gave us the overtone series, and the triad and major scale too. Listen to music because it is fun and it sounds good, not because you want to fuck Madonna or fantasize about one day securing for yourself the God-status that is handed to anyone who can go to L.A. and give old jewish record execs blowjobs.
They don’t even make real music anymore, for Chrissakes. It’s all cut-and-paste, importing parts, programming beats, it’s all auto-tuned, rhythmically quantized, and altered in ways that you can’t imagine. It’s the musical equivalent of what the jewish FDA considers a healthy diet. Really, it just gives you a disease. They disease is that people become prone to idol-worship, and if you look at what they are worshipping, it is all one big lie. A turd on a pedestal. That’s your God now.
It is said that anything can be mastered with 20,000 hours of labor. I have put more than double that figure into my practice…Transcribing, learning pieces, writing,  learning hundreds of jazz solos note for note, practicing techniques. 40,000+ hours sunk into this. Maybe more. But it takes more time, effort, and devotion than any full-time job.
Again, people say it is a talent. These people are full of industrial quantities bullshit, as they are in almost every other aspect of life. Musical ability comes from incredible amounts of slavish devotion. For me, in addition to the fact that I like music, it was also a survival thing. Austin, Texas is guitar-player city. So your choice is to either live in mortal fear that one of the other 15,000 guitar players will steal your gigs, or bite the bullet and learn to play.
Very few people choose this second option. I guess in their mind it is easier to just wear a funny hat or outfit on stage, dance around in an embarrassing display of histrionics, make funny faces, concentrate on gimmicks, marketing, and self-promotion. I almost NEVER hear of any of these fuckers practicing. They know that there are billions of terrifying musicians already out there, ones they could never compete with. Odds are much better that they will be able to pull one over on people and rely on any gimmick, as long as it does not involve the P-word (practice). I know that somewhere a musician just woke up, because he assumed the p-word meant “pussy.” Go back to sleep, and have more dreams of your band being in the artificial lime-light cast by your jewish masters.
These gimmicks of which I speak do work pretty well, when you factor in that the jew world order has dumbed down the public to the point that humanity is basically a bunch of dumb animals (present company excluded.) They don’t understand that jazz is actually an intricate art-form dealing with improvising composed-sounding melodies over a given CHORD-PROGRESSION. Yes, the public is missing that second CRUCIAL piece of information. No, jazz musicians are not just playing whatever they “feel in the moment,” there ARE rules, PLENTY of them. If people only knew.
Despite the fact that Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and many other creators of jazz invented the vocabulary, most people are under the impression that they must go to school to learn to decipher this seemingly complex language. Nope. It just takes time and effort. I might suggest trying to watch less TV, stop watching porn all day, etc, and you can find the time to figure it out without paying into the jewish Marxist university system or the jewish banks/credit agencies.
You aren’t going to learn shit in school anyway. I was there, I saw how it all works. It’s just a scam.
But compare my costs to what the people of Palestine, Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Kosovo, Congo, “Saudi” Arabia, go through, and it becomes clear that I am very blessed and have no problems at all. Israeli Hell-fire missiles and white phosphorus did not kill all my children. I don’t live in Eastern Ukraine, so the Israeli Igor Kolomoisky is not shelling my childrens’ school. Israelis are not crowding my entire family into a house so they can shell it for days, killing dozens of members of a single family and leaving the living to be in a house with the corpses for days on end, like they did to the Palestinian Samouni family. Israelis are not breaking into my house, performing Satanic rituals and murdering my family and smearing their body parts and blood on the walls. My suffering has no basis for comparison, therefore it doesn’t exist.
So I count myself as one of the lucky ones, and my mission is to make the truth, the whole, ugly truth to go viral. You want to learn who rules over you? I won’t be cryptic like Voltaire was with his famous riddle about who rules over you.
It’s the jews, the moral relativist “chosen people.” It’s the god-damned jews. It’s all of them.
They are all guilty of belonging to an hate-filled, anti-gentile to the bone hate-group/ ideological collective. Yes, the ancient jewish dream, as described in every one of their writings, it to own and control the planet with the goyim as their slaves.
They are commanded to wipe out “Amalek” (that’s us), saving alive nothing that breathes as they ruthlessly slaughter every living thing that stands in their way.
I don’t hate jews, I just want them to stop killing us for their god-damned evil wars. I want people to realize that the mass media was invented by the jews for the purpose of mass-brainwashing.
No, Iran doesn’t have or want nukes. No, Iran has not promised to destroy the jews. No, Bashar al Assad is not “killing his own people.” No, Putin is not a dictator. He doesn’t hate gays. He doesn’t kill dogs. No, the Federal Reserve cabal did not “save the economy.”
It’s not complicated. What we have on this planet is what Hitler correctly described as an “international clique” of jews, conspiring against the whole of humanity and in fact all definitions of against common decency itself, with all of their power and all of their ill-gotten wealth, to create a miserable hell-on-Earth for gentiles. You can see it before your eyes. Look out your window. If no jews or jewish-paid proxy forces have blown it out, that is.
You can read the 50,000+posts I have made, you can read my articles, or those of any of my friends. All around the world, from all kinds of backgrounds, diverse people have searched for the answer to why there is war, and wouldn’t you just know it? They all think it’s the god-damned jews, the very people you are not allowed to criticize.
Yes, they are all in on it. Or they are not jews. It’s really that simple. Tell any jew that the Israelis did 9/11, you think the holocaust story is some weird elite jewish propaganda for psych war…Tell him you think it is an atrocity hoax. Tell them you oppose usury. That’s a good one right there. Tell them you don’t believe any of their bizarre, convoluted apologetics for what the jewish concept of “chosen-ness” “really means.” Tell him to quit lying. Tell him/her you are aware that Hitler was not a dictator, just someone who was helping his people fight the horrid scourge of jewish communism/bolshevism/debt-servitude. Tell him you we were born to live free of jewish tyranny. Don’t overwhelm the poor little jew, just mention ONE thing you are not supposed to know about and you will see his eyes darting around, scoping the nearest exit. They don’t give a fuck about the truth, they don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t give a fuck about humanity. They just want to report you to Abe Foxman so you can be thrown into a gulag somewhere. Their murderous lust shows as they picture you having your brains beaten out with a table leg, as the sadistic jewish mass-murderer Solomon Morrell was know to do to the Germans after the USSR occupied Germany’s camps in Poland, turning them into REAL death factories, not just work camps anymore. They fantasize about nailing your intestine to a telephone pole and whipping you until you run in enough circles that you hit the end of your own guts.
That’s what “chosen-ness” really means. They are high above you and they don’t give a single shit or fuck about any lowly gentiles’ whinings about genocide, wars, or the Israeli fingerprints which cover the 9/11 crime scene from end to end. They just get a pained look on their face, indicating that YOU are only problem they have. Not the crimes of their tribe, but you. They bear no responsibility for beloinging to a racist hate-group.
And the super-idiot gentiles bred by the NWO’s control of information will tend to agree. YOU are the problem. Just let the jews do their thing. They’re not hurting anyone, right? Heck, my neighbor is a jew, and he’s pro-Israel all the way, but so what? Those Palestinians are all terrorists. Even the baby ones grow up to be jew-haters, it’s a very sticky situation for those heroic Israelis, having to deal with the fallout of stealing those people’s lands and murdering and displacing them. And it’s really hard for those Israelis to deal with all the anti-jewish hysteria produced when officials from the Jewish state are forced to publicly advocate the wholesale genocide of the Palestinians. You know those dirty Muslims are all hawlocawst denoyas, the Kerrran says Hitla was a nice man. It’s true! I read it in Elie Wiesel’s book somewhere. Anne Frank! Whatever, just get me out of here, this lunatic thinks the hawlocawst nevah happened! That is a sure sign of mental illness! Can’t we just lock up all these pesky goyim that are awake to real history? Fuck! It’s time to implement the Final Solution to the growing gentile problem. Break off that chair leg and hand it to me! He thinks the Germans were the good guys in WW II. There can be no greater crime than THAT! Next to being a Mooooslim and trying to spread that Shakira Law!
(Sarcastic tirade concluded.)
Those are your choices. Either you think the jews are God’s chosen people, and you stand by their thousands-years old history of unspeakable, blood-curdling crimes against humanity…Or you fucking reject that shit. There is no middle ground in this battle.
Whenever I bring up the obvious problems within the actions and ideology of Judaism, I am met with nothing but resistance from the un-deprogrammed gentiles. “Oh but they don’t ALL think like that!” THAT’s NOT THE POINT. A few of them might be inert for the time being, but it doesn’t change the fact that Judaism is a plan to murder and enslave non-jews. What if I was talking instead abut KKK members? Would you say they have always been victimized and lied about, and that “not all of them are racists?” FUCK no, you would neeeeeever hear that, even though it is completely logical.
But in fact, the KKK is far, far less racist that the cult of Judaism. Judaism’s aim is extermination of gentiles, and in fact the KKK allows many kinds of people. Judaism is for jews only.
Yes, I do not love or hate these jews, I am just sick of their collective crimes against my brothers and sisters. I dream of a day when no one kills anyone because of any pathologically insane superiority complex such as the one around which the jewish ideological collective revolves. And this dream will become reality. Humanity WILL awaken. It will rise up and crush the JWO. Until then, I don’t really care about gigs or collecting any more of the Federal Reserve’s counterfeit, imaginary jewish money. First we smash the JWO, THEN I get my gigs back. Maybe a car, and some glasses too.


9/11: Israel did it!


Anti-Zionist Zionist gatekeeper Miko Peled and his vile, deceitful smear campaign against Trevor LaBonte and the truth movement as a whole


I don’t know how many people realize that Miko Peled is just a gatekeeper. And now he has misled all of his stupid fans into believing that FB disabled his account because of his totally phony opposition to “Zionism.” He is back on FaceBook, taking a self-congratulatory victory lap now, after his fans circulated a petition to unlock his FB account which fooled hundreds of people into believing that he was being “censored.”

Here’s what really happened, and why it matters: 

His account was actually disabled because he had not provided his ID. His account was probably reported by someone (not me) who was fed up with his gatekeeping and his preposterous and deeply insulting idea that “Palestinians and Israeli jews can live in peace if those darned zionists would tear down the apartheid wall.”

No, Miko, all the invader jews need to get out. Why should the Palestinians allow these terrorist, supremacist jews who have been tormenting them for 70+ years to keep what they have stolen? Peled’s ideas are as ridiculous as thinking it is normal that someone should break into your house, murder half your family, move into the house, occupy 95% of it, and then offer “peace” negotiations. Jewish delusional thought has no bounds. Total insanity, your name is Judaism.

Are people really DUMB enough to believe this tripe about the “good, honest jewish son” of a f#&%ing “Israeli” General, who wants an end to “tear down the wall” and end “apartheid?” All he is doing is trying to legitimize what his genocidal jewish maniac father stole through his outstanding leadership in military state terrorism.

Anyway, Miko, who is apparently an idiot, fired off a bunch of demonstrably false and ridiculous claims about me being a “neo-nazi,” an “Israeli plant,” and a racist. And he claimed that I was personally responsible for the “attack” on his page. What an amazing researcher he is, he is 0 for 4 there. I guess he is above worrying about how that affects his credibility.

I never wanted to silence him, in fact, I asked him a dozen times to debate me, which he snobbishly and very jewishly ignored to my chagrin.

They are very anxious to convince the world that Judaism has neeeeever been a problem, but look at this: Here are photocopied pages of the Zohar and Talmud. Notice the chapters called “The necessity of exterminating gentiles” and “Israel’s destiny to rule the world.” Jewish law stipulates that gentiles who gain knowledge of Judaism’s secret writings are to be killed.

The fact the Miko has blocked all three of my FB accounts and my Twitter account is proof that he knows he doesn’t have an argument, and now he is just continuing to lie to his IDIOTIC and GULLIBLE fans that FB is poisecuting him. Oh vey, it’s another holocaust! 

Anyway, that is the update. Meanwhile, it is MY primary FB account which is actually blocked for a month, and the statement I made which apparently offends Joobook community standards is: “Miko Peled is a liar and a zionist.” Also included was this link to Nahida Exiled Palestinian’s excellent warning about Miko, which is a must-read:

Wow. If there is ANYTHING I HATE, it’s the jewish douche-bags whose Mossad task is policing the Palestinian discourse, calling people anti-semites, neo-nazis, etc, and never allowing people to discuss the SOURCE of the problem, which is of course Jewish bigotry, supremacism, and racism, which OF COURSE has all its roots in the jewish religion and culture.

These nice, friendly, “anti-war” jews are not our friends or allies, they are not “doing good things” or “raising awareness, they are DUPING THE GOYIM. Period. AND, as it turns out, they are the very SOURCE of the reason why the movement has only ever gone backwards and they situation in Palestine is worse than ever. And of course we all get viciously attacked for saying that “anti-semitism” is provoked by jewish behavior rather than being what the jews all insist it is, which is an irrational, superstitious fear or hatred of jewish people based on ignorance and purely racist grounds. 

Jews don’t give a flying FIG about Palestinians, or any other non-jews for that matter. Read ANY Jewish newspaper, you will see that they only ever discuss what it “good for the jews,” and NEVER what is good for humanity as a whole. The idea of loving all people universally is TOTALLY foreign to jewish religion and culture. Judaism is nothing but a genocidal, racist cult on a mission to exterminate humanity.

There is absolutely no basis for anything resembling peace in a religion which designates gentiles as sub-humans, scum, animals and slaves for the jews. Jewish religious writings state, “Kill the gentiles by every means imaginable,” and, “The best of gentiles are to be killed.” There are a PLETHORA of statements in it which are just as bad.

Judaism strictly forbids being kind, fair, honest, or merciful to any gentile. It stipulates that when a gentile strikes a jew, it is like striking God. If a jew intimates knowledge of the vile, obscene secret writings of the jewish religion to a gentile,  the offending Jew is responsible for a crime equal to killing all jews. That is an admission right there that Judaism is so murderous and conspiratorial that any gentile who studies it will automatically recoil in horror and take necessary steps to stop its advances on humanity. Gentiles are automatically considered “anti-Semitic” just for having read the jews’ own books.

Many other prominent and respected figures in the movement including Gilad Atzmon and Michael Hoffman agree that the crimes of “Israel” and the banking cabal are rooted in the intense, seething, psychotic goy-hatred that drips from every word associated with Jewish religion and culture, which is so desperately hidden from public view and protected by such gatekeepers as Max Blumenthal, Ali Abuminah, Miko Peled, Gareth Porter, Jewish Voices for Peace, Mondoweiss, Democracy Now, or any other controlled opposition figures or groups which are up to their EYEBALLS in Jews.

None of these gatekeepers will allow unhindered discourse about 9/11, the Holocaust, Judaism aka jewish racism, or any other of a number of topics which, once investigated in the full light of day, would bring about the demise of the Jewish plan for world rulership.

And by the way, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the Holocaust myth and “9/11 was Muslims” myth are not relevant to the liberation of Palestine and the world. They are both crucial to “Israel’s” existence. 

What they do is actually very clever, and is the only possible explanation why everyone in the world’s best efforts have been in vain so far. The enemy simply knows that if they control the discourse, that we will never solve the problem.

We will never even take the first step, which obviously would be to locate and define the source of the problem. We are not even allowed to discuss it within earshot of the public, as all these aforementioned publications have policies of blocking comments that are too on-target. Holocaust and 9/11 truth have received the Orwellian labels of “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” and under this pretext, the truth is hidden from the public eye.

This is my plea for sanity: stop tolerating gatekeepers. How are we going to storm the castle if we cannot even approach the gate? This is why Jonathan Azaziah, myself, and the other editors at Mouqawamah Music have declared all-out war on the “controlled opposition,” and all rules of engagement are off.

Complain about the right-wing Zionists all you want, it only ever goes absolutely NOWHERE, because the “anti-war” “anti-Zionist Zionist” left will block your every shot at the sensitive, racist core of jewish religion and culture. But if you aim for the left, you will take out the entire apparatus and it will go up in flames. No one suspects that the Jewish “progressive left” is the source of the problem, but it is. Shift your focus, troops. 

(I will leave you with this example, courtesy of my lifelong friend Sam, of how to smack the controlled opposition right between the eyes):

Other relevant pieces:


The importance of unhindered discourse

Once again, Robert Martin and Miko Peled are gatekeepers to the movement. They also display textbook gatekeeper behavior when they spread lies and hate about people who bring up issues which they deem irrelevant to the Palestine question. Really, 9/11 is not relevant to “Israel?” Because Israel COMMITTED 9/11. Really, the holohoax is not relevant? Because it is the premiere foundational myth of “Israel.” Really, Judaism is not relevant? Because all of Israel’s laws and policies come straight from Judaism.
The problem is a little bit like the BP oil spill. It does basically nothing to focus solely on “clean-up” when there is huge underwater cloud of oil shooting out from the seafloor. You have to FIND THE SOURCE of the problem and shut it off. Refusing to discuss Judaism is ignoring the source, which means the problem will only continue to get worse and worse if you allow people such as Miko Peled and Robert Martin to police the discourse.
Take one look at the things Miko is saying: That “Israel” is an “apartheid” state and that we have to “tear down the wall.” First of all, “Israel” is NOT an “apartheid” state because apartheid is a system of exploitation. Israel is a GENOCIDAL state because it is not trying to profit off of the Palestinians, it just wants them gone.
IF we were to just “tear down the wall,” how would that solve a military occupation? Where would the Palestinians go, when there would still be millions of jewish squatters living in the Palestinians’ HOMES? His solutions are too silly to be taken seriously. How could anybody be so delusional as to think “ending apartheid” addresses the core problem? The only solution is for all the invader jews to get out, and face criminal charges for what they did to the Palestinians, not just continue to squat in the Palestinian’s homes!
Interestingly enough, none of the pot-shots that are being taken at me are accurate at all. I have been called a “neo-Nazi,” and “Israeli plant, a “racist,” and have been blamed with shutting down Miko’s page, even though I had nothing to do with it. Miko must not care at all about his credibility. I had to proved ID for my FB account, and it didn’t make me quit the movement. Miko must not really care at all about the Palestinians since he abandoned them on FB so readily.
“Israel” itself is only one symptom of the problem. “Israel” was founded by the illegitimate Jewish Rothschild criminal international bankster syndicate. They have a quadrillion dollar global heist going on, and they control almost all of the world’s money supply. Their religion, Judaism, tells them that their mission is to steal all the wealth of the gentiles and make them live as slaves to the jews. This is a problem which must be solved at its SOURCE. We cannot blow smoke up our own asses about boycotting figs and cous cous and soda machines. This accomplishes NOTHING at all. The cabal already have all of the money, you can’t hurt them that way.
What we need to solve the problem is UNHINDERED DISCOURSE, but gatekeepers like Miko and Robert are actually the source of this problem, as they can be seen acting like referees and trying to eject people for talking about the issues that will bring down the Rothschild cabal: JUDAISMl, 9/11, and the HOLOHOAX.
Remove the gatekeepers, and we can, for the first time ever, have a real discussion.