Yes, There Will Be Election Fraud, And On a Grand Scale

The Ugly Truth


And the question is: what will Americans do about it?

RUSSIA INSIDER – It is a virtual certainty that the American establishment will resort to election fraud to help Hillary Clinton. They simply do not know what to do about Donald Trump. America’s election system was not designed to handle a phenomenon like him, a non-politician, a man with some genuinely fresh anti-establishment views, who quickly rides a wave of popularity to do a hostile take-over, as it were, of a major old-line party.

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Bill Clinton: Jews should understand danger of Trump better than anyone

The Ugly Truth


TIMES OF ISRAEL – Former US President Bill Clinton went on the stump Sunday, seeking to mobilize Florida Jews to vote for his wife and recognize the dangers posed by her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

“This is about more than party,” he said. “If there is any group of people in this country that should understand the threat to the fundamental character of the nation and the future of our children and grandchildren posed by the choice in this election, it should be members of the Jewish community. No one should sit it out.”

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Israel’s mainstream distrusts Trump

The Ugly Truth


Israel values stability, consistency, and reliability from its most important ally. Which is why, while they may have reservations about Hillary Clinton, many Israeli policymakers and much of the public are wary of the unpredictable Trump

ed note–again, at the risk of beating a dead horse, a great big THANKS A F****** LOT to all those ‘truthers’ who aided and abetted in the taking down of Trump with their incessant chirping and honking about how he is ‘owned by the Jews’ based upon a few statements he said while in the heat of election season and by so doing, brought all of use that much closer to a WW3 that will not just be experienced vicariously on the TV or internet, but rather, one which all of us will be dealing with in a manner up close and personal at our own front doors.

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