Irony: CBC censors comments from their article about Arthur Topham’s free-speech trial

NEWS FLASH: Arthur Topham’s “hate speech” was a SATIRICAL take on a maniacally racist hate-screed by a Jewish author named Theodore N. Kauffman. In this ridiculous excuse for a “case,” Arthur, who is a good man BTW, succeeded in making B’nai B’rith’s devious operatives identify critically-acclaimed jewish mainstream writings by Theodore N. Kauffman for what they are: virulent, genocidal, racist hate. The defendant Topham is not guilty in the court of public opinion, but apparently the same cannot be said for the banksters, the World Jewish Congress, and the vast network of Zionist operating within their criminal sphere. There is no moral justification for stealing Palestinian land from its original, rightful owners, so the world must be turned upside-down and lied to 24/7 to mislead and force society into accepting the murderous, racist ideology of the so-called “Jewish State” which is run by the self-proclaimed “chosen people.”

@Harry Abrams I KNOW it could not have escaped your attention that the piece Topham published was a SATIRE of “Germany Must Perish” which is written by jewish author Theodor Kauffman. Topham simply switched out the word “Germany” to show the world how genocidal Zionist jews are. In fact, all of the jewish-owned mainstream media LOVED Kauffman’s book, which laid out a plan to wipe Germany off the face of the earth and eradicate German people via forced sterilization. Disturbingly, Kauffman’s ideas morphed into the Morgenthau Plan. You just don;t like it that Kauffman’s horrible book is being brought to light because you were stupid enough to persecute Arthur without realizing that his piece was a SATIRE SATIRE SATIRE. So, nice try, DUDE, but Arthur was NOT advocating genocide, he was exposing a mainstream jewish PLAN of genocide against Germans. And we all can see, thanks to the Jewish State, that genocide is in fact a plank of Judaism and secular jewish culture as well. Get a life, you Zionist loser. Everyone hates your guts, and you people bring it upon yourselves again and again throughout history. Every zionist jew i have tried to debate with has been a horrible, miserable, rotten liar and a raving lunatic. There is no moral justification for stealing the Palestinians’ land and mass-murdering as many of them as you can get your filthy, thieving hands on. Much of the world knows that “Israel” was behind 9/11 and is behind ISIS, and the numbers are growing daily. Your hubris and delusions of grandeur will lead you straight to another catastrophe for your “chosen” people. You are a disgusting fat, bald bastard and a malicious liar with a smarmy grin that begs to be wiped off your face, and you are a traitor to Canada as well.

@Harry Abrams Ok so telling the truth about “Israel” is akin to drunk driving? LOL, don;t you care that everyone can see what a clown you are? I would say the real miscreants are clearly the “Israelis” who are murderous, recalcitrant land thieves and liars. There is no moral justification for zionism because is is based on the FRAUDULENT NOTION that jews are a “chosen people” who can murder everyone they want on their drive toward Greater Israel and world government.arthur_topham_in_chair-500x375

Calling all TUTters: Defend Arthur Topham in the comments section of this CBC hit-piece

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Ed note (Trevor)~ Here we go. Canada’s jewish controlled media published an article calling Topham’s website “anti-Semitic” and lamenting that it is still available on the net. Of course, Arthur has a large following worldwide and Radical Press cannot be removed, due to all the sites that would mirror it. But this article gives us a chance to interact with the sheeple and show them the truth, so please do leave comments. 

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