Dear Jewish community: My “anger” is not the issue, your jewish supremacist tribal behavior is

Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman

by Trevor LaBonte 2016

Why do jews always say you are “angry” if you are awake to Judaism and jewish schemes? Ironically, when they say I am “angry,” I have a nice chortle, a belly laugh, I have a moment of joy, because it feels good, after doing so much homework, to receive this kind of confirmation. If it were otherwise, people would at least make an attempt to deal with the facts.


I point out that the Mossad/CIA/MI6 is behind all this terrorism around the world, for example “ISIS,” and the jewish response is just “he’s angry?” REALLY?!?! You are supposed to be “God’s favorite, chosen people,” an that’s all you got?

See? I’m not angry, I even make little jokes like that last one once in a while. But seriously, the jewish ability to confront facts and face accusations head-on is literally non-existent. In fact, this transparent attempt at deflection is the only possible response they can come up with…when someone is unavoidably guilty of the indefensible and they KNOW it.

To the jew, it is always about the jews, unless the topic is international jewish organized criminality, then AND ONLY THEN does it become about the gentile and his “anger.” LOL. See? This is funny.

And you say I am anti-WHAT? For you information, Buster McSwindlestein, I have lots of Semitic friends all over the world, they are called “Arabs.” And, although I’m no expert, I am pretty sure that Jews from Romania, Poland, and Hungary are not “semitic.” See, it’s your Judaism I despise, and has fornicate-all to do with “race.”

And, for the record, jews, I am NOT “angry.” I am just sitting at my computer, chilling.


I don’t even get that annoyed most of the time, I have kind of settled in to the tedium of having to keep daily tabs on your never-ending stream of highly-organized malfeasant behavior. And there ARE tabs, I have about 20 open right now. The volume of criminality that is your tribal output perpetually threatens to crash my hard-drive, and that is not an exaggeration. 

In fact, you are BEYOND criminal. A criminal to me is the guy whole stole my bike a few years ago, and that guy is my best friend, compared to you. Not that even you couldn’t be forgiven, but you clearly don’t want that. That was the message you gave to Jesus. “NOT INTERESTED.”  No, you are more than criminals, you are jews. You are in a category…no, a DIMENSION, all your own. You plot, scheme, and conspire against all of humanity, and this is the ONLY thing your collective has done for thousands of years, as a direct result of your institutional, primitive tribal supremacist mentality.


Gentiles, such as myself, who are exasperated by usury, war, and terrorism– need not search far at all for the answer why it happens. Just start reading what all the jewish books and jewish “intellectuals” say in their own words. I don’t even have to cherry-pick, I can just tell an audience to go look at anything of yours for themselves. Choose anything, it will be bad, and it will also represent the overall ethos of Judaism, of which could easily just be referred as “anti-Gentilism.” Anything that is pro-gentile is the very antithesis of Judaism and all of the secular jewish supremacist camps it has spawned on this sorry, imperiled planet.

“Jewish” MEANS supremacist. You said it yourselves, that you cannot be jewish without being a jewish supremacist. There IS no other kind. 

judaism jewish values

I ask you, jew, does your chosen-ist ideology not define me as an animal in human form created only to serve you? Does it not command the charging of usury (the tool used to facilitate the slavery of humanity) and the waging of endless wars, until the jews emerge as sole proprietors of a hideous, barbaric, tyrannical world government, what some of those of us who are awake less-than-affectionately call a “Jew World Order?”

Please, Mr jew, don’t answer the question. I know you will just say I must be “angry.”


The question was merely rhetorical, for I have already seen in your own words meant only for each other what you are all about.

I read it all for myself in your own books and articles, for Pete’s sake…yet I have never been told the truth about what I read by any jew when I approach them as a goy.

Don’t you think it is high time you came up with a real rebuttal? Haven’t you had enough thousands of years yet?

Oh, my mistake, YOU CAN’T create a rational response that doesn’t  focus on me, even though I am not the problem. “The gentile problem” is not a real term (at least outside the synagogue), but for thousands of years various intellectuals and important figures of all backgrounds have agreed that we have a “jewish problem.” You have nothing to say, all you can do just sit there pridefully, with your intensely radiant guilt, and glowering like some bitter gargoyle over that fact that for thousands of years, nobody has liked you. 


I am not the problem. There is no “Trevor Problem.” There is a “You Problem.” You are the one with the problem, but also, you ARE a problem. Your jewishness, a/k/a the world-over as jewish supremacism, is a problem. Not only that, it is THE problem.

Stop saying I am “angry,” no one on Earth could be so angry to just make up the kinds of things that you do. If I was THAT angry, I can’t even imagine what I would have to do to let it out. I am not angry. Perhaps you are the ones that are angry, that you were born into a Satanic cult hell-bent on its own doom, and whose motto is “jewish world domination or bust.”


Don’t assume we are angry and that everybody wants to wipe you off the globe. We are gentiles, we are not like you, we don’t want to have to kill anyone. And that is why what we ask is that you stop being jews. Stop crucifying people, especially the ones that only want to save you. The ones that wish you COULD be saved. 

We know, we know…you don’t want to be saved from yourselves. You are inexorably, steadfastly committed to your straight-line collision course with disaster, I get that. But don’t say that I am the problem. You should want to have the appearance of having at least one redeemable quality, that of honest self-reflection. But as it stands, from my perspective…and this is just an objective observation, from Your Friend Trevor, the Friendly FRIENDLY Gentile…that considering yourself “chosen,” talking mad trash and committing genocide against every else is not a good way to make friends outside your cult.

And a final reminder: justice might take a long time, but even if it has taken hundreds or thousands of years, the God of love and truth still rules over this universe. The demi-urge, Yahweh, the god of war and evil and lies, the God that tempts morally-defective men and here in the material world… is lesser.

One day, the cruel binary system of Jewish halachic laws that favor a “chosen people” will vanish, and the Golden Rule, the one that refers to the kind and non-malevolent treatment of others, the non-harboring of ill-will toward our brothers and sisters in this human family, will be enforced as the Law of the Land.

judaism pedophilia sex abuse



mossad israel flag


judaism jewish values


Essential info for battling the NWO


The battle we are fighting is a battle to spread true and correct information to wake up as many people as we can to the malevolent nature of the NWO. Most  people have suffered a lifetime of indoctrination without realizing it, and only certain people seem to have the ability to see through it all. When presented with solid, fact-based arguments which name the people and ideologies at the core of the NWO, many people will reject the information outright and seem to lack the basic objectivity needed to get a real perspective.

The NWO is nothing but Judaism in action. There is no escaping it. People will try their hardest though. But the books of the jewish religion lay out the entire procedure for a certain group of people to take over the world and kill everyone standing in the way. It is very, very explicit. Kill the best of the gentiles, goyim were only created to serve jews. Yet people will defend the jews’ right to think and act in accord with these teachings. People believe that jews are victims but in reality they practice an exceedingly toxic and in fact malevolent religion. 

Some modern jews say they no longer practice Judaism, but actually they have just discarded most of the religious aspects of their jewish identity, BUT STILL IDENTIFY with the ones who do practice. It is all a big ruse, because in order to be a jew, one must believe in one thing, which is the supremacy and choseness of the jews. They MUST believe that they are better than everyone else and were put here to subjugate the non-jews, or they are not jews, period. 

So Judaism and all the affiliated “secular” groups are THE problem. However there is a large disinfo campaign spreading the idea that Judaism is fine and dandy, and that “Zionism” is the only problem. The jews will do anything to deflect attention away from what should be obvious. Judaism is absolutely murderous and evil, and always has been ever since the Torah Scrolls were re-written thousands of years ago. Judaism means death and destruction to non-jews, and that is all it means. Yet people lack this basic knowledge. They are programmed to reject the truth because they have been told again and again that it is racist to oppose jewish power, when in fact the problem is Judaism and not any kind of racial or ethnic prejudice. 

Really it is impossible to be prejudiced against the jews, since they have already told you that they identify as members of an ancient cult that believes murdering non-jews is a wonderful and holy thing. It is sort of like asking people not to be prejudiced against some one because he is a mass-murderer, it is a silly argument. 

The indoctrinated masses or gentiles are wound up with their materialism and selfishness and basically live in a fantasy world. Go anywhere and listen to people talking, they will either be talking about themselves or their favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. TV is very powerful, it fools the human brain on a low, animalistic, emotional level. The reason people do not care that our NWO puppet government is murdering millions of people in the Middle East is that they live in this bubble, thinking only of themselves and the celebrities they see on TV, and don;t give more than a passing thought about what is being done in our name and with our money in all the wars, which by the way are all for Israel’s expansion. 

You can combat the NWO by smashing away at its pillars. Judaism is the main pillar, but the truth about 9/11, the JFK assassination, the holocaust, and ISIS are the other main support pillars. 

There is no question whatsoever that Israel was behind 9/11 and the subsequent “War on Terror.” Most people already have serious doubts about the official 9/11 story. I used to go into painstaking detail about all the Israeli connections to 9/11, but sometimes I just flat out tell people “Israel did it, everyone knows that,” and watch their reaction. Often what I see is the glimmer of recognition in the person’s eyes. The truth is a great gift and people thank me profusely, as if they are a child opening a Christmas gift. It is a great thrill to learn the truth after so many years of lies and so many people who have all failed to figure it out. I could give out links, but just put Israel did 9/11, Israeli truck bombs, mossad agents arrested on 9/11, dancing Israelis, it is very to easy to figure out once you have been pointed in the right direction.

JFK demanded that Israel bring its illegal nuclear weapons program to a halt. The documents are now declassified and you can read them for yourself. Hopefully people will realize how ridiculous it is that in all the thousands of books and articles, no writer dares even examine this as a motive, as compelling a motive it is. The jewish mob owns all the outlets and is controlling the flow of information. Michael Collins Piper’s “Final Judgement” bravely shows the truth, and once you know it, it smacks you in the face every day. Israel killed JFK, who was not only opposed to Israel’s nukes and its overwhelmingly powerful jewish lobby and he was no fan of the FED. He was also an avid admirer of Hitler, as evidenced by his journal writings. In short, Kennedy KNEW.

One of the things that is most difficult is to get people to let go of their belief in the holocaust. This event was totally fabricated, I could go on and on about it, as well as on the other issues I am raising, but frankly, I am exhausted from having spent the last 4 or 5 years explaining all of this and arguing with people all day, it has been my main activity, trying to get gentiles to wake up to the facts. There is not one shred of evidence or proof that even one jew was ever “gassed.” Just millions of lying jews, telling people the most insane, impossible tales of how they all “escaped” the “death camps.” There were camps, but they were just labor camps. Jews were being expelled for their terrible behavior, their heavy involvement with a jewish movement called Bolshevism/communism, and had already murdered tens of millions of Russians before Hitler was ever elected.

Everything a jew says about Hitler is a bald-faced lie. This is very difficult for people to accept. The jews are liars, period. They are famous for it, for thousands of years. Jesus said there is no truth in them, and he was 100% correct. Hitler was just a good populist leader, serving his people, rescuing them from Bolshevism. Communist jews had already taken over entire German cities, including Berlin, and jewish banksters robbed Germany blind, imploding the economy completely until it cost billions of marks to buy a loaf of bread. The jews intentionally spread utter decadence and depravity throughout the land, with the expressed intention of destroying the German people. Whatever the Germans did to defend themselves against this hateful, vampiric cult, would have been fully justified. Even if Hitler had all the jews thrown into an open volcano, he would have been right. But the real Hitler was too ethical and kind and wanted a humanitarian solution to the jewish problem. There was no holocaust, just a nation full of awake people who were trying to eject the jews, they were not wanted, they were terrible, abysmally unethical people, and they conspired wickedly against the world. Both World Wars were a product of jewish international mafia trying to shake down the world and communize it, and every war after that has been controlled by the hidden hand of jewish mob high finance, the shadow government of the NWO.

Yet the sheeple’s minds have been contaminated with jewey Hollywood garbage and the name Adolf Hitler has been equated with Darth Vader. People live in a false informational paradigm and to them, jews are these great, heroic people, not at all a supremacist cult of terminally narcissistic maniacs, and Hitler was the naughty boy who “persecuted them.” This false paradigm is about to collapse as a result of the information age, and I can;t wait until people do the research I did and realize the holocaust is a great big lie, all jews corroborate on it, and the jewish communists and jewish-controlled western capitalists aka the “Allies,” were the bad guys. WW II should have never been fought, and I am astonished to hear the true tales of Allied malevolence. In fact, more Germans were killed AFTER the war by these evil Satanic “allies” than during. It is a most despicable chapter in human history, so be not proud of our damnable victory over the “Nazis,” who were fighting the international jewish conspiracy, which is REAL and OBSERVABLE. 

These jews=good/”Nazis”=evil mentality is the bedrock of the NWO, people must come to understand the scope of the lies and the conspiracy to keep them well-covered for 70 years. How is this tiny group of people able to pull off this massive lie and hold the world under its spell?

Before I understood the historical aspects of the NWO, I was finding out about the atrocities the jews commit against the Palestinians, and realizing the complete illegitimacy of the “jewish state.” The NWO puppet British government made a backroom deal with the Zionist devils, where it was agreed that Palestine would be handed to the jews and their mob in exchange for American participation in WW I, which the jews created by manipulating public perception through jewish control of the media and government. Americans were told that Germans were evil monsters, killing babies, cutting off Red Cross nurses hands, all false atrocity propaganda designed to SUCKER America into fighting the jews’ wars, and nothing has ever changed.

I have also been watching many media sources regarding who runs ISIS, and it is CLEARLY the international jewish mob. Here’s an article that shows that even the so-called “mainstream media,” has admitted that the jewish-controlled west supports and controls ISIS. ISIS is basically the Mossad’s private militias, carrying out Israel’s expansionist manifesto. The jews are very good at getting their proxies to do all their dirty work, and we can see ISIS running around killing innocent people and spreading chaos, but to the goyim and their infatuation with jewish media sources, they think the problem is “Islamic Extremism.” Nope. It’s the Mossad, with an  operation to make people terrified of Islam. In reality, Islam is very similar to Christianity, it is a ethical way of life the promotes good behavior, not beheading innocent people.

The jews have created two polluted,  weaponized versions of these religions. Wahhabism aka “Islamic extremism,” was founded by Al Wahhab, a cryptojew, and it is a Judaification of Islam, really it flips Islam on its head. And all the Middle Eastern countries that are allied with Israel and the Jewish-controlled west are steeped in Wahhabism and Freemasonry, another form of crypto-Judaism. “Christian Zionism” is the western counterpart of Wahhabism. CHristians Zionism is an absolute abomination, where people are told that in order to get to heaven, they have to support Israel unconditionally. Anyone should be able to see through this trickery and manipulation, but they are too brain-dead to see the evil and abject stupidity of their ways. They follow their leaders, right off the cliff, for the jews, all the while barely making mention of the name of Jesus, and certainly never mentioning that Jesus hated evil and therefore hated Judaism. 

I will probably ad more to this post later. But the JWO can be defeated, with truth and sincerity, if enough people can wake up.