Once and for all, what is a jew?

Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it

Jews are not a race. This is evidenced by the fact that some of them leave the tribe and become former-jews. They are also not a religion, because so many of them identify as atheists…and BTW, the Bolshevik communists were 80-85% atheist jews, and these particular jews committed the greatest mass murder of all time. In fact, it is perfectly kosher for them to abandon Judaism, so long as they still hold onto the ultra-problematic notion of jewish supremacy. It is not until they stop believing and acting in accordance with that that they violate the jewish tribal covenant and then they become enemies of their own people.


Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman
Anyway, I have studied them a lot, and with help from many experts, and have had to conclude that jews are an ideological collective of moral relativists who place themselves high above non-jews and classify us as animals which they are supposed to hate, abuse, murder, and hold in extreme contempt on every level.

The entire covenant of jewish identity consists of a promise to resist assimilation into a society which is based on universal moral values. Whether they are ‘atheists” or not, they are sworn to stick together and fight for the creation of a despotic NWO which is under total jewish control. I can recommend an important book, written by a jew, called “Jewish History, Jewish Religion,” by Israel Shahak, where he admits all of these things.

judaism jewish values
Each jew may have certain differences of opinion, however there is really only one kind of jew, when you consider that the common thread for the tribe is an exceedingly toxic, violent, supremacist ideology that they rally around, which is the root cause for all the wars and other jewish-instigated chaos into which the world is constantly being plunged against its will by a seemingly unseen force.



Cast Lead Remembered--Gaza family says Israeli troops killed children waving white headscarves





Not only are Judaism and zionism the same thing, but so is “anti-zionism”


I just saw a BDS meme, and I am disgusted at how misleading, ineffectual, and co-opted that movement is.

The meme said that “Judaism is to zionism as Islam is to ISIS.” I can’t think of a bigger, more twisted lie than that! I will dissect that whopper one in a minute.

But here is a very serious question I pose to you: since when does a movement ostensibly to boycott Israel for genocide have to become first and foremost a movement to defend Judaism??

First of all, it is crucial that people understand that Judaism is an ancient, explicit plan for jews to take over the entire world, kill everyone that stands in their way, and enslave all the unfortunate survivors for eternity. 

Here are some quotes from jews. Notice how “zionism” is never mentioned.

Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it

Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman


And before you go into your breathless, passionate speech about the ‘good, honest, brave jews’ who ‘oppose Zionism,’ let me stop you. I have heard it all ten million times before. News flash–those ‘anti-zionist jews’ are perhaps even more full of excrement than any other.

Judaism is NOT NOT NOT a religion of peace, not by any stretch. Jews have their own definition of peace, which is achieved when and only when the gentiles are fully subjugated to jewish law.

Furthermore, the “anti-zionist” jews are zionists too, only perhaps more disingenuous. Their only problem with the Jewish state is that they don’t believe it should be created until after “peace” has been achieved, see again previous paragraph.

Over a hundred places expelled jews before “zionism”

Zionism is just one phase of that plan, the phase involved with acquiring the land for the jewish state, which is slated to become the seat for this despotic one world jewish government which is the ancient dream of Judaism.

And by the way, news flash for gentiles, this phase, the land acquisition, was already completed in 1948! So for those of you who think you are are fighting ‘zionism,” you are about 70 years late for that. The “anti-zionist” jews have had you foolishly chasing phantoms this whole time. 

As for what the BDS meme said about ISIS, well guess what, not only does ISIS obviously have nothing to do with Islam, but ISIS is another example of Judaism in action too.

Israel freaking runs ISIS, and knowledge of that is a litmus test for political analysts. If they don’t know that Israel and the west and other shameful zionist collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan command, arm, fund, and train ISIS and the other “rebel” groups, for the sole purpose of advancing the “Greater Israel” project, they are piss-poor analysts. ISIS only attacks Israel’s enemies, and they do it under the guise of “Islam” so it intentionally creates a public relations disaster for Muslims at the same time it weakens and destroys nations. 

And if BDS were really against Israel, don’t you think they should identify Israel as the 9/11 perpetrators? Wouldn’t 9/11 be a fantastic reason to boycott the jewish state? After all, Israel did leave a very long and extremely damning trail of evidence, which (((the media))) so actively avoids talking about. But try to bring 9/11 up to the BDS “antizionists” and they will go into attack mode against you. “There is no place in BDS for antisemitic conspiracy theories,” they will screech, and you will find that you have been blocked, ejected from the jewish-controlled discourse

BDS needs to clean house. Kick all those slimy, fake “antizionist” jews out, can’t you see how they take over and use you to push their own agenda? Can’t you see that all they care about is making sure that no one involved with the Palestinian freedom discourse dare identify JUDAISM as the SOURCE of the problem? Could there possibly be anything more sneaky and rotten than that? I think not. 

And what happens when you can’t freely identify the source of a problem? That’s right, the problem continues unabated! They know this! It is a dirty trick. Not only are Judaism and zionism the same thing, but so is “anti-zionism!”

Judaism’s plan for humanity


Whenever you hear about so-called “Radical Islamic terrorism,” just know that what you are seeing is Judaism in action.
Don’t allow your mind to make any association between terrorism and Islam.
Islam is about submitting yourself to divine principals such as truth, love, justice, compassion, peace, etc.
It is Judaism that is about overthrowing and inverting divine order and building a tyrannical jewish one-world government to rule despotically over the few remaining gentiles that remain after the jews’ intended blood-soaked global revolution is complete and jewish power is fully consolidated.
Probably the main mechanism to achieve this Satanic jewish fever dream is a jewish-engineered “clash of civilizations,” where oblivious, mind-controlled Western civilization is brainwashed to think that Islam is evil and barbaric, when in fact ALL of the terrorism they see is actually being committed by covert Judaists and those in their employ. When you see ISIS/al Qaeda, think Israeli Mossad. Do NOT play along with the jewish propaganda by spreading hatred and fear of actual Muslims.
Recognize that it your jewish-controlled government that is negatively propagandizing Islam, but also directly creating, coddling, and supporting the all of the terrorism.
The ONLY group that benefits from it is world jewry, because it benefits the cancerous expansion of their jewish state Israel, which should be viewed as a universal combatant against all humanity, which for thousands of years has been the slated center of world governance as the endgame of Judaism. It’s Judaism and nothing but Judaism that is at the center of all the terrorism. We are dealing with radical Judaists who spread all the case chaos but who do it all as an anti-Islam PR stunt intended to facilitate their rabidly insane “Clash of Civilization.”
The solution is that humanity must remove Judaism’s influence over the world. No more kosherized Christianity, no more radical “Western interventionism,” no more funding terrorists, no more supporting Israel. Globally outlaw usury and remove diabolical, supremacist jewry from every lever of power, as was done in Byzantium. For the jews that refuse, quarantine them in Birobidzhan and they can have all the Judaism they want, if they love it so much.
None of this has anything to do with “hating jews,” it only has to do with making objective observations based on purely factual evidence, and deciding what to do which is in the collective best interest of the 99.8% of humanity that is not jewish.
The other option is to go along with the jewish plan, and have 2.2 billion Christians battle 1.5 billion Muslims in a catastrophic, jewish-engineered global war of attrition, only to have the jews take over what remains of the smoking planet after it has been bled white. You decide.

75 Years Later–Pearl Harbor and the Jewish Question

The Ugly Truth


The surprise Japanese attack on the US led to tremendous upheavals – on both international and personal levels.

ed note–chock full of goodies, this one.

1. It has already been proven beyond any doubt that there was no ‘surprise’ vis a vis the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 2941, anymore than the 5 Israeli intelligence officers arrested on the morning of 9/11 were ‘surprised’ to see airliners crashing into the Twin Towers as they filmed it all and cheered wildly. After all, the Israel-firsters who were top-heavy in the Bush Admin and who pushed for the destruction of Iraq had called for a ‘new Pearl Harbor’ in the ‘Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force’ section of the PNAC policy paper ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’.

2. Please note what our esteemed Israeli author writes thus–

‘The Pearl Harbor attack meant that “finally, a non-Jewish reason to join the war made itself available.”


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Israel, The Promised Holy Land For Pedophiles

“Israel” is the home base of jewish organized crime. Organ trafficking, blood diamonds, drugs, prostitution, you name it, Judaism condones it.

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Pedophilia, incest even zoophilia: all have been made kosher in their ‘holy’ Scriptures – the book of satan. 

THE INDEPENDENT – Activists fear Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles thanks to the country’s unique Law of Return for the world’s Jewish people. A Jewish person from anywhere across the globe can be fast-tracked for citizenship in Israel, as well as their spouse, children and grandchildren.

“Israel is becoming a safe haven for paedophiles due to the unique opportunity available to all Jews from anywhere in the world to immigrate there,” said child abuse survivor Manny Waks, founder of child sex abuse advocacy group Kol V’Oz, speaking to The Independent. CONTINUE READING

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