New Trevor LaBonte music!

trevorplays.jpg(pictured, Trevor performing live at Freedompalooza)

I have been testing out some new studio gear. Here are some demos. Check out the version of “Fortress Around Your Heart,” [orginal version by Sting.] It was done quickly, in two hours. I am playing all the instruments on everything, guitar, bass, and keys. There is no programming except the drums, everything is played live, with minimal editing. Much more music coming soon, in a more polished presentation. This stuff is just for fun. Cheers to all who support my music!

Listen here

The Truth movement is in need of a dummy purge


Too many ‘analysts’ do not see the jewish war being waged against Trump, and the razor’s edge he walks. Since day one, the jews have been doing everything they can to destroy Trump. Trash talking Trump while he is OBVIOUSLY at war with Judea…it only helps the jews!

This ‘truth movement’ thing is overrun with simple-minded fools! Politics is chess. Things are usually not what they seem, often the complete opposite.

News flash: we live in a fucking Zionist country, so Trump is not going to publicly come out against Israel with all guns blazing. Sorry to disappoint you, but Trump is not Ayatollah Khomeini!

Israel is a terrible, terrible enemy, every smart person knows that. But smart people are rare. Morons and sheep are common, and these vapid zombies believe the fake news. Murkans believe Iran is evil, they believe Iran wants to violently ‘wipe Israel off the map,’ they believe Russia is evil, Russia ‘invaded’ Ukraine, Vladimir Putin hates homosexuals and kills puppies.

That is what Trump has to work with, as far as the American populace. A bunch of hopelessly clueless people, deeply, inexorably indoctrinated by the jewish media. They have no idea the jews control the media, and even if they did know, they would be far too dumb to care.

Anyway my news feed has really turned to pure shit. We of course have the totally ill-advised know-it-alls who sit there all day jumping to inane conclusions. We have lots of Arabs and Muslims (and others) who are stuck in the rhetoric dimension of politics, who shout all day about how Trump is a zionist, he loves Israel, he is just like Obama and Bush, blah blah blah, and that is also a wheelbarrow full of monkey shit. We can SEE that the jews HATE Trump, in spite of all his pandering. What’s your explanation for that, you geniuses??

Many years from now, we will STILL have people saying, ‘Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism, Trump’s son-in-law is a jew,’ as if that seals it. These people are very large morons too.

I guess these people do not bother to read any articles in jewish news outlets, because jews are saying that Ivanka’s ‘conversion’ was a political move, and that Kushner cannot really be a jew because a real jew would not be seen anywhere near Trump’s administration. But truthtards will never understand it that deeply because they have already blindly zeroed in on their interpretation.

When we lack any sense of nuance, we fail at understanding anything.

This is my daily fuck-you to all the people making stupid noises about President Trump and leading people in the wrong fucking direction. I hate you. You are going to get us all killed.

Ending the Jewish monopoly on history

One of the most amazing things you can do for yourself and for humanity is to learn and teach real history, instead of the very false and very jewish propagandized version we are all presented with as fact.

For example, minus the jewish distortion, it turns out that NSDAP Germans were the good guys, not the despicable racist villains that are unfailingly projected as.

They fought the NWO and the banks. They actually almost won, despite the fact the jewish controlled ‘Allied’ forces were the Goliath in the story.

Had it been a few degrees warmer in the Soviet Union, the oil in the German tanks would not have frozen solid and we very well might have been looking at a totally different world today. There would be no Rothschilds, no ‘Israel,’ no NWO, period. The evil, catastrophic influence of Judaism would be absent. The world would have taken cues from Germany’s phenomenally successful labor-backed currency and followed suit.

Think of that, that bankster-created ‘Weimar’ German nation lay in ruins, Hitler is elected, he cuts out the Rothschilds, and practically overnight the economy is in full, dazzling bloom, taking off like a rocketship, while all of humanity gazed in collective wonderment.

The people are overjoyed, getting good jobs, fair pay, wonderful month-long paid vacations, where they go on ocean liner cruises. We always hear about the alleged ‘horrors’ of ‘Nazi’ Germany, but the whole narrative is a pile of fiction. The photographic and filmed evidence shows that NSDAP Germany was a very free place, MUCH more free than maybe anywhere else since. The films show beautiful people, smiling from ear to ear, raising vibrant families, celebrating their culture, etc.

Guess what else? These happy people were totally awake to Judaism. Not because eeeeeevil Hitler lied to them and brainwashed them with his eeeeeeeeeevil charisma, as we have all been told ten thousands times, but simply because it is a fact, judaism is ridiculously dangerous, and it used to not be ‘politically incorrect for people to know that.

In an actual free country like NSDAP-era Germany, it is considered one of many unalienable, God-given rights, to know and profess truth. Compare that to what we have today, it is a very far, very distant, very faint cry. Maybe it can’t even be heard at all. But it was there.

This picture I am describing is the way the world looks to a person who has overcome all his jewish social programming.

If it looks totally crazy to you, it just indicates that you are living in a falsely implanted jewish-designed world of pure lies and demonic illusions.

You are still in the matrix. you think you are looking at the the world, but are actually gazing into a chintzy jewish kaleidoscope and have thought to peer outside it.

Real historical knowledge is gained by looking outside the ‘official’ sources, and then maybe discussing what you see in an environment unhindered by the absolutely oppressive tyranny of ‘political correctness.’ It is endlessly sad to me that we a planet full of lost souls, bereft of truth. The man you though was ‘the devil’ should actually be considered, in all fairness, a hero. Your emotional buttons were pushed, you were manipulated, and you swallowed thousands of poisonous lies without knowing.

Letter to truth activist Trevor LaBonte from a (((concerned musician))) OY VEY!

Letter to me:

“Trevor, check it out man. I was the saxophonist with Roger Waters on his 2002 Live In The Flesh tour. I’m all over the live DVD. I also played with Tower Of Power from 1998 to 2002. I’m on several of their CD’s and a live DVD as well. I played with many other big names too including Dream Theater. So I am a fellow musician, like you. I am also a Christian. My parents were atheists and holocaust survivors, but of Jewish heritage & ancestry. You need to be careful of your misguided hatred. It’s completely non Christian. I hope that you open your mind up to learning all of the unbiased facts instead of this weird generalizing and obsessive one sided conclusions that you are coming to. Peace to you and your family. Norbert”


 My response:

Hi Norbert, thank you for your note. You seem to have nothing but misconceptions about the research I do.

I gather you are not familiar with my writings at all. First of all, I oppose racism and bigotry in all its forms. Nothing I have ever said can fairly be considered racist. I oppose jewish ideology and jewish culture specifically because it is racist.

Jewish is not a race or religion, but a moral relativist ideological collective, people that believe they are ‘chosen’ by God to be high above everyone else. Don’t waste your time trying to argue against that fact, I have read thousands of articles by religious and non-religious jews, speaking to other jews, discussing tirelessly the finer points of exactly why jews are better than everyone else.

Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it


Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman

Me (cont’d);

I’m not misguided, hateful, ignorant, uninformed, obsessive, I do not generalize, and I don not come to ‘one-sided conclusions.’

For example, I can tell you that it is not ‘one-sided’ to conclude that Israel is illegitimate, and there is absolutely no justification whatsoever for the mass-murder and terrorism that is perpetrated against Palestinians. If you were to kick down my door and take over my house, how is that legitimate? It is a very very simple issue, but zionist LOVE to lie and obscure all the facts, but that land, ALL OF IT, rightly belongs to the Palestinians, and nothing you can can say can change that fact.



 israel jews

Also, don’t tell me your ancestors survived ‘the holocaust.” It is well-known by million of people around the world that the holocaust is jewish/allied propaganda. We are told stories and we are shown pictures of emaciated bodies, but the stories are vicious, fantastical lies, and the photographs depict German victims of Allied bombing. Even Raul Hilberg was forced to admit that there is not one single solitary shred of evidence that ‘the holocaust happened.’

Elie Wiesel without his tattoo.

Hey Elie, where’s your tattoo??

 Him: “You obviously have mental and emotional problems. I suggest that you seek out a good therapist before your conditions worsen and you do something really stupid and dangerous to yourself or others.”


You obviously have a big problem with your total inability to see the simple facts I am showing you. 

Please tell me why there are ZERO 9/11 truthers in the music/entertainment industry. The vast majority of the public rejects the totally preposterous ‘official story’, so why is that not reflected in the entertainment industry?
The industry is owned and controlled by the mob. you fucking work for the mob, and you have the nerve to sit there and lecture me? lmao

You are not a real Christian. Jesus does not hear your prayers. You are a servant of the Synagogue of Satan You are of your father the devil, he was a murderer from the beginning, the truth is not in you. Be gone.

Guy: ‘My parents told me the truth. [ed note Trevor~LOL! okaaaaaay] My Lord [Satan] speaks the truth. I was wrong before about one thing before though: you don’t need a therapist, you’re way beyond that. You need an EXCORCIST!!! [sic]

[blocks me, but not before I go to his page and see a slew of typically jewish defamatory anti-Trump posts]

Was that totally predictable or what? I am very sick of all these pussy musicians. They feign concern while at the same time they blackball me. And I don;t remember a single one of them protesting Obama’s illegal invasions and murders of millions of innocent people. Musicians know when to keep their obedient little mouths shut if they know what’s good for them. They dutifully supported Hillary all the way, even though the Clintons are perhaps the biggest, most corrupt crime family in the history of American politics, and that is saying A LOT. Hillary was about to lead us right into international jewry’s trap. Her no-fly zone in Syria would have led quickly and directly to nuclear war with Russia! But who do all the musicians and entertainers complain about? Trump. Over what? A bunch of lies. It’s very telling.

I guess musicians would rather die in a nuclear war than have to accept facts or tell the truth. Sad state of affairs, when the international jewish mob has that amount of control over what people think, say, and do.

I only believe in one conspiracy


I have been called “Captain Conspiracy.” But for the record, I only believe in one conspiracy.

You know, those guys to whom the nations owe trillions upon trillions of dollars? The ones that have accumulated almost all the world’s money through the amoral practice of usury? Yes, them. They own your government, they are the deep state, the plutocrats, the oligarchs, whatever you want to call them.

Call me a conspiracy nut all you want, and I in turn might call you an oblivious gentile…but these banksters are ALL jews, that is a fact. They have names like Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Goldsmith, Goldman, Sachs,Lazar, Warburg, Schiff, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn, Khan, Sieff, or Solomon…they are all jews, no gentiles in that club. And they OWN your government. From there, it is a big, top-down international crime organization. You have heard the term “cabal?” The word means specifically a group of jewish criminals…that is what we have.

(((Governments))) control nations’ militaries and foreign policies, and also regulate things like education, food, drugs, and medicine. and have you noticed the food, water, and “medicines” are dangerous poisons?

The jewish shadow government also controls academia as well as the news and entertainment media (Frankfurt/Tavistock). This is why there is no 9/11 truth in the mainstream, practically no one has heard of the USS Liberty attack, people do not know that Israel runs ISIS, people do not know who killed JFK and RFK, people do not know about the “Greater Israel” project, they don’t know/care about Israel’s illegal nukes, they have never heard of the Samson option.

 There is not one single show on TV, not one famous artist or comedian, ore one single professor in any Western university that has the balls or the freedom to say that the holocaust story is the world’s biggest rubbish heap. All the evidence needed to definitively disprove the holocaust fairytale has existed for at least 40 years, but it is being suppressed, and there is no “denying” that.

 In the entertainment media, Arabs, Muslims, “Nazis,” and nationalists are always portrayed as deranged devils and terrorists.

 Every manner of perverse, decadent behavior is glamorized, while everything that is normal and healthy is made to look hateful, bigoted, ignorant, and outdated.

 People that believe in God and have strong morals rooted in divine concepts like love, truth, justice, peace, compassion, etc…are made to look like wackos suffering collectively from what charlatan Richard Dawkins has termed a “God delusion.” There is no universal morality in the NWO. Morality and Judaism don’t go together.

We live in an artificial society that is the creation of jewish marxist social engineers, who have given us, among other atrocities, a system of self-censorship, called “political correctness,” that is actually designed mainly to keep people from talking about jews and observing the patterns in their highly organized behavior.

Finally, the most powerful, monied lobbies are the jewish lobbies, and they are the ones that bribe the already jewish-controlled governments to make illegal wars that are in no one’s interest but the jews. The (((government))) also controls western intelligence agencies, which function as wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Rothschilds and Israeli Mossad, which is where terrorism comes from.

All one needs in order to understand the conspiracy is to understand judaism. Jewish people do not believe in other nations or religions. They, as a collective, are out to destroy all of it and in its place they plan to consolidate power into a one world jewish-only government seated in Jerusalem. It is up to awakened gentiles to pull the other ones out of the matrix so we can all spread the truth, taboo as it is, until it goes completely viral and the NWO is eviscerated like the flesh of a vampire when it comes in contact with the dawning of a new day.

Once and for all, what is a jew?

Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it

Jews are not a race. This is evidenced by the fact that some of them leave the tribe and become former-jews. They are also not a religion, because so many of them identify as atheists…and BTW, the Bolshevik communists were 80-85% atheist jews, and these particular jews committed the greatest mass murder of all time. In fact, it is perfectly kosher for them to abandon Judaism, so long as they still hold onto the ultra-problematic notion of jewish supremacy. It is not until they stop believing and acting in accordance with that that they violate the jewish tribal covenant and then they become enemies of their own people.


Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman
Anyway, I have studied them a lot, and with help from many experts, and have had to conclude that jews are an ideological collective of moral relativists who place themselves high above non-jews and classify us as animals which they are supposed to hate, abuse, murder, and hold in extreme contempt on every level.

The entire covenant of jewish identity consists of a promise to resist assimilation into a society which is based on universal moral values. Whether they are ‘atheists” or not, they are sworn to stick together and fight for the creation of a despotic NWO which is under total jewish control. I can recommend an important book, written by a jew, called “Jewish History, Jewish Religion,” by Israel Shahak, where he admits all of these things.

judaism jewish values
Each jew may have certain differences of opinion, however there is really only one kind of jew, when you consider that the common thread for the tribe is an exceedingly toxic, violent, supremacist ideology that they rally around, which is the root cause for all the wars and other jewish-instigated chaos into which the world is constantly being plunged against its will by a seemingly unseen force.



Cast Lead Remembered--Gaza family says Israeli troops killed children waving white headscarves





Not only are Judaism and zionism the same thing, but so is “anti-zionism”


I just saw a BDS meme, and I am disgusted at how misleading, ineffectual, and co-opted that movement is.

The meme said that “Judaism is to zionism as Islam is to ISIS.” I can’t think of a bigger, more twisted lie than that! I will dissect that whopper one in a minute.

But here is a very serious question I pose to you: since when does a movement ostensibly to boycott Israel for genocide have to become first and foremost a movement to defend Judaism??

First of all, it is crucial that people understand that Judaism is an ancient, explicit plan for jews to take over the entire world, kill everyone that stands in their way, and enslave all the unfortunate survivors for eternity. 

Here are some quotes from jews. Notice how “zionism” is never mentioned.

Israeli Jewish hate rally against Africans in Tel Aviv caught on video as Haaretz deletes article about it

Jewish Holy War Manis-Friedman


And before you go into your breathless, passionate speech about the ‘good, honest, brave jews’ who ‘oppose Zionism,’ let me stop you. I have heard it all ten million times before. News flash–those ‘anti-zionist jews’ are perhaps even more full of excrement than any other.

Judaism is NOT NOT NOT a religion of peace, not by any stretch. Jews have their own definition of peace, which is achieved when and only when the gentiles are fully subjugated to jewish law.

Furthermore, the “anti-zionist” jews are zionists too, only perhaps more disingenuous. Their only problem with the Jewish state is that they don’t believe it should be created until after “peace” has been achieved, see again previous paragraph.

Over a hundred places expelled jews before “zionism”

Zionism is just one phase of that plan, the phase involved with acquiring the land for the jewish state, which is slated to become the seat for this despotic one world jewish government which is the ancient dream of Judaism.

And by the way, news flash for gentiles, this phase, the land acquisition, was already completed in 1948! So for those of you who think you are are fighting ‘zionism,” you are about 70 years late for that. The “anti-zionist” jews have had you foolishly chasing phantoms this whole time. 

As for what the BDS meme said about ISIS, well guess what, not only does ISIS obviously have nothing to do with Islam, but ISIS is another example of Judaism in action too.

Israel freaking runs ISIS, and knowledge of that is a litmus test for political analysts. If they don’t know that Israel and the west and other shameful zionist collaborators such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan command, arm, fund, and train ISIS and the other “rebel” groups, for the sole purpose of advancing the “Greater Israel” project, they are piss-poor analysts. ISIS only attacks Israel’s enemies, and they do it under the guise of “Islam” so it intentionally creates a public relations disaster for Muslims at the same time it weakens and destroys nations. 

And if BDS were really against Israel, don’t you think they should identify Israel as the 9/11 perpetrators? Wouldn’t 9/11 be a fantastic reason to boycott the jewish state? After all, Israel did leave a very long and extremely damning trail of evidence, which (((the media))) so actively avoids talking about. But try to bring 9/11 up to the BDS “antizionists” and they will go into attack mode against you. “There is no place in BDS for antisemitic conspiracy theories,” they will screech, and you will find that you have been blocked, ejected from the jewish-controlled discourse

BDS needs to clean house. Kick all those slimy, fake “antizionist” jews out, can’t you see how they take over and use you to push their own agenda? Can’t you see that all they care about is making sure that no one involved with the Palestinian freedom discourse dare identify JUDAISM as the SOURCE of the problem? Could there possibly be anything more sneaky and rotten than that? I think not. 

And what happens when you can’t freely identify the source of a problem? That’s right, the problem continues unabated! They know this! It is a dirty trick. Not only are Judaism and zionism the same thing, but so is “anti-zionism!”