Judaism’s plan for humanity


Whenever you hear about so-called “Radical Islamic terrorism,” just know that what you are seeing is Judaism in action.
Don’t allow your mind to make any association between terrorism and Islam.
Islam is about submitting yourself to divine principals such as truth, love, justice, compassion, peace, etc.
It is Judaism that is about overthrowing and inverting divine order and building a tyrannical jewish one-world government to rule despotically over the few remaining gentiles that remain after the jews’ intended blood-soaked global revolution is complete and jewish power is fully consolidated.
Probably the main mechanism to achieve this Satanic jewish fever dream is a jewish-engineered “clash of civilizations,” where oblivious, mind-controlled Western civilization is brainwashed to think that Islam is evil and barbaric, when in fact ALL of the terrorism they see is actually being committed by covert Judaists and those in their employ. When you see ISIS/al Qaeda, think Israeli Mossad. Do NOT play along with the jewish propaganda by spreading hatred and fear of actual Muslims.
Recognize that it your jewish-controlled government that is negatively propagandizing Islam, but also directly creating, coddling, and supporting the all of the terrorism.
The ONLY group that benefits from it is world jewry, because it benefits the cancerous expansion of their jewish state Israel, which should be viewed as a universal combatant against all humanity, which for thousands of years has been the slated center of world governance as the endgame of Judaism. It’s Judaism and nothing but Judaism that is at the center of all the terrorism. We are dealing with radical Judaists who spread all the case chaos but who do it all as an anti-Islam PR stunt intended to facilitate their rabidly insane “Clash of Civilization.”
The solution is that humanity must remove Judaism’s influence over the world. No more kosherized Christianity, no more radical “Western interventionism,” no more funding terrorists, no more supporting Israel. Globally outlaw usury and remove diabolical, supremacist jewry from every lever of power, as was done in Byzantium. For the jews that refuse, quarantine them in Birobidzhan and they can have all the Judaism they want, if they love it so much.
None of this has anything to do with “hating jews,” it only has to do with making objective observations based on purely factual evidence, and deciding what to do which is in the collective best interest of the 99.8% of humanity that is not jewish.
The other option is to go along with the jewish plan, and have 2.2 billion Christians battle 1.5 billion Muslims in a catastrophic, jewish-engineered global war of attrition, only to have the jews take over what remains of the smoking planet after it has been bled white. You decide.


9 thoughts on “Judaism’s plan for humanity

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    1. trevorlabonte Post author

      FIrst, thanks for sharing the piece. If they do not subscribe to the plan, then they are simply not really jews. We are told that 80% of jews are atheists, yet they as a collective still work towards achieving Judaism’s plan. The jewish covenant in essence is a pledge to never assimilate with humanity, but always remain divorced from us and our universal codes of morality, while fighting a war against the goyim in the name of jewish world government. As jews, they stand in opposition to our national sovereignty, their goal is to break all of the nations and make them submit to jewry. If you say that there are “good jews,” it confuses people. The real definition of a “good jew” is a jew who is good at being a jew, i.e. is good at lying, murdering, stealing, nation-wrecking, etc. Jews know this, and the ones that want to become good people, who live by the golden rule vs Judaism supremacism, need to leave the cult. You will know when this occurs because they will become former-jews. and even then, it is hard to trust them because they are often just going into deep cover as cryptojews, or they end up completely messed up anyway due to the abuse they endure from being born into a deranged satanic cult. I say this all to you without an ounce of malice toward jews, but with the mindset of a doctor who is doing his best to save a patient. We have a diseased planet which is near death, and they only way to save it is to diagnose and fully understand the disease that afflicts it. It is just straight talk. Cheers.

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    1. trevorlabonte Post author

      thank you, Patrick! You just made my day. You are the king, man. Your awe-inspiring art videos made my awakening so incredibly epic. I will always be a major fan of your work.


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